FIFA 22 has just launched an ideal kit for the most nostalgic soccer. EA Sports has announced a series of equipments that are incorporated into the soccer game , who seek to pay tribute to the most remembered clothing of some of the best clubs in the world.

Available from now, now you can dress your favorite teams with the retro t-shirts, in some cases, several decades ago. Among them, is that of Real Madrid of the year 2006.

new FIFA retro t-shirts 22

FIFA 22 - Real Madrid CF vs AC Milan - UEFA Champions League Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]

Manchester City -> 1969
* Inter Milan -> 2007
* Real Madrid -> 2006
* Catholic University -> 60s
* SELECTION Portugal -> 1921
* Tottenham Hotspurs -> 1961
* Leeds United -> 1992
* AC Milan -> 1995/96
* Borussia Dortmund -> 1975/76
* Psg -> 1989/90

The retro t-shirts are very currently in the world of soccer, and even they also suppose a very precious garment in terms of fashion, combining a style at the forefront with that classic touch that usually sets so well.

FIFA 22 continues to include novelties to the game, even after having had to communicate bad news, such as the elimination of Maradona of the game due to a legal battle for the rights of the “fluff”.

While the legal problems are resolved with the use of Maradona’s name, we remind you that in our FIFA content section 22 you will find the entire current of the EA SPORTS football game. From tutorials to guides and advice, going through SBC challenges solutions, as well as all the news that comes every week to the different events of Ultimate Team.