Elden Ring is an open world full of creatures of all kinds, most of them very aggressive. But some of them, like Miriel , nicknamed, nicknamed the potato turtle, are tremendously peaks and will do anything to help you. In this case, the turtle is a teacher of spells within the church of the oaths. In the Games of Software, it is possible to kill merchants and then collect their sphere to be able to access their store even after their tragic death.

And yes, some players have committed the unforgivable and have attacked Miriel…

Turtle soup

As you can imagine, some felt remorse after committing this barbarian act. Such is the case of vg_crimson who, as it suggests the title of its publication in Reddit, killed Miriel “For that you do not have to do it tu“.

The player says the following: “The I did dam of the morbid. I repent? Yes. Would it again do it? Never“. When describing the scene, the text of it is full of remorse and it is easy to intuit that the act is closer to a sacrifice than something else.

“T _Engo that living with this in my soul now, do not do it. There is nothing to win, and not only lose your presence, as well as you lose a part of yourself, “he says

Turtle steak

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This is where it becomes serious. A player, under the name of Prizzaa , published a video of the poor turtle being annihilated, to which he heard said “_No I can die, but I will not hurt you either.” However, Prizzaa does not stop and hits Miriel.

YouTuber is used to making videos of the type “ and if… ? “, And unfortunately Miriel’s death had its place between the series. In the video, the comments of the community are numerous: “This is an unscrupulous behavior“, “No damage to turtles, it is worse than attacking humans“, or “ people should have the opportunity to have the opportunity Invade any murderer of turtles at any time, _Although the killer is resting in a site of grace, an eternal persecution for an abominable crime. “


To help murderous players to repent, from Software has created an object capable of resuscating NPCs: Celestial dew . So it’s not too late for VG_CRIMSON and Prizzaa resurrect to our favorite turtle.

In any case, now you know what will happen if you want to attack Miriel and, therefore, you have no need to try. Hopefully the turtle can, therefore, continue to carry out their studies with all tranquility.