Marion Eckardt, Presentation of survey results - LEADER 30 YEARS CELEBRATION & CONFERENCE
For hour one, the Hildegardisschule Münster has been one of the partner schools of the SC Prussia Münster. In the years a partnership has emerged, which has already experienced many exciting projects. The recent example of this cooperation took place in December last year, when three students in the school partnership have put an online survey on their legs on which the fans of the Eagle Club could participate. In terms of content, the questions turned to wishes and suggestions of fans in the topics membership and merchandising. The results from the survey at which more than 220 Prussia fans attended the students Alexander Victory Morera, Alexander Gurman and Jonas Hein, with the support of their teacher Rafael Fernandes, last week Monday in a small round of members in the Prussia Stadium.

“First of all, we look forward to seeing another project with the Hildegardischule on the legs, from which we can also benefit as a club. The students have shown full commitment and presented the exciting results as part of a workshop with our members. Afterwards we discussed extensively about implementation options. On the basis of this opinion, we can continue working in a next step and develop our fans, especially for our fans, “explains Mario Heinemann, who cared for the partner schools of SC Prussia and initiated the joint project. The survey period comprised almost two weeks in December and focused primarily on club members of the sports club. 180 members attended 44 fans without membership.

“For us this was a win-win situation: our students were able to design, execute and evaluate this survey for the club. Thus, a concrete learning field in marketing was created, which they could also tackle with a professional background, “explains teacher Rafael Fernandes, who is responsible at the Hildegardisschule for the school partnership with the Prussia, and continues:” At our school in Bishop sponsorship Traditionally, learning and socially-weak students are traditionally supported. Middle and good students only need pointful support. This time I saw the opportunity to enable excessive learning a practical learning and to bring them to the world of work. In addition, the association was able to save so scarce resources and gain relevant data with appropriate support from Mr. Heinemann and me to win a well-founded decision on future offers for its members. “