Ghostwire Tokyo is full of missions that true it is to fulfill, and collectors that can be found. All of this offers EP, which will increase your entire synergy level, which in turn is one of the main forms of progress when you work to save all the ghosts in the game. But how can you earn XP fast in Ghostwire Tokyo?

In addition to earning Meika and find Magatama, XP is the main currency in Ghostwire Tokyo. While there are some obvious possibilities to earn XP, there are a few other things that you can do to try to get up and earn XP, which allows you to expand your arsenal with some of the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo.

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So if you want to collect XP quickly, this guide gives you some hints when it comes to it Earn fast XP in Ghostwire Tokyo . Continue reading for the activities you should try first.

Ghostwire Tokyo, how to quickly earn XP

There are one many different ways you can quickly earn XP in Ghostwire Tokyo . These include:

  • Completion of main and co-missions
  • Enemies kill
  • Collect liquor and save over a telephone booth
  • Cleaning spoiled trees throughout Tokyo

These are the most important ways you can quickly earn XP. Missions give you the most XP at once, but if you rely on your Katashiro in Ghostwire Tokyo on the maximum amount, you can collect up to 50 ghosts and exchange them for thousands of XP. The killing of enemies also gives them part of the EP for everyone killed.

Overall, Ghostwire Tokyo is a relatively simple game in terms of the systems, so there is unfortunately no exploit or way to win fast XP.

These are our most important tips to quickly earn XP in Ghostwire Tokyo. Further help when playing can be found in our other general tips in our exemplary approach to Ghostwire Tokyo.