Several hours before the second leg against Atletico, the message in England circulated, Manchester United considered in the urgent stadium question even the demolition of Old Trafford. What sounds heartless and unheard of, somehow also had some comforting for the fans: the message that your club begins to accept that he was suspended.

According to the Champions League out of Atletico Madrid stands, which everyone knew everyone: In May, England’s record champion will end a season without title for the fifth time. The construction site United is so great that it is forbidden to think about the topping out. Is open, what that means for the site manager.

“In the residue with Ronaldo as a center-for-the door – that can never work!”

At the 0: 1 defeat on Tuesday evening, in any case, Ralf Rangnick in the end acted as helpless as his team. While he brought the soon 34-year-old Juan Mata, “from which one had largely accepted, he ended his career in 2018” (“Guardian”), he did not dare to replace Cristiano Ronaldo, who for the first time since 2011 in the Champions League without Goal shot remained (right-forest Diogo Dalot had four). “In a residue with Ronaldo as a center-for-polluter,” said “Prime Video” expert Matthias Sammer, “that can never work!”

But what should be Rangnick? He has a squad available, which looks like Felix Magath would have driven his misconception or Turki al-Sheikh. Since 2014, the United bosses juggled with Van Gaal (something with possession of possession), Mourinho (something with compactness), Solskjaer (something with counterparty) – and now this team suddenly learns Rangnick’s counterpressing in the crash course?

That nobody knows who in the summer of new coach will rethink favorites like Marcus Rashford their future and Ronaldo, Pogba & Co. in this troubled blankness but please make the motivation, somehow to become a fourth (which requires a winning streak), makes Rangnicks Interim Trainer Mission at United now almost impossible. His big Premier League dream threatens to end Trist.

Manchester is not Hoffenheim or Leipzig

“The very first thing that this club has to do to come only close to a new championship is to find a real coach”, etched club icon Paul Scholes on Tuesday at “BT Sport”.

Although United need nothing more urgent than that rangnick was for years: a fixed football identity and patience, then to pull them radically. So it made Liverpool with Jürgen Klopp and Manchester City with Pep Guardiola, and so it seems to make Arsenal just with Mikel Arteta. However, rangnick is likely to have realized that this is easier in Hoffenheim or Leipzig and faster than in Manchester, where there is something like an opposition.

Maybe United will actually begin to benefit from him only when he moves into a consultant role in summer – where it is questionable how much he will really say. In any case, a common language of all departments will be necessary: ​​Liverpool took in Winter Luis Diaz, who started in Klopp’s system, United in the summer of Jadon Sancho, which still seems to know exactly what is expected of him.

Nobody is so good in having to make opponents look like Atletico

Like a growing, firmly anchored identity looks and what it causes, if everyone knows what he has to do, and nothing would prefer to do as exactly that, demonstrated at Tuesday Atletico. And if it meant to disrupt an enemy throw with the warm-up spare players or to pass on the captain’s nobility to the goalkeeper, because a substitution attracts a further 45 seconds.

“In the first half, you think they may not be in the game. But they are exactly where they work,” Mario Gomez said at “Prime Video”. “That’s very, very fascinating.”

Before you munich-naive Salzburger immigration frame, Atletico had been admitted to Bayern. Whether they sat compassied in front of the TV on Tuesday evening and average writing to Michael Heselschwerdt, who had made the draw so wonderfully?

For Rangnick and United, the Simeone gang was exactly the wrong counterparty: because he first disappeared in his clear approach, what United has been missing for years, and secondly nobody else in Europe is so good in appearance of the opponent’s ideas and course To leave and the coach with. In short, Atletico is what you do not need when you are in the middle of a sensitive phase and just not recognizable, where you actually stand.

“There are no limits for manunited!” Ronaldo had written on Saturday at Instagram. What a misjudgment.