Personal peripheral specialist Logitech announced on the 21st that the Gaming Headset ‘Astro A10 2nd generation’ was released in Korea. Astro Gaming is a premium video gaming gaming gear brand under Logitech.

The ‘Astro A10 second generation’ released this time is a follow-up of a gaming headset ‘Astro A10’ released in 2017, maximizing various color designs and sound quality to maximize various color designs and sound quality. Custom tuning 32mm Dynamic drivers can be mounted, and fine sounds can also be accurately captured without missing a fine sound. The 6mm unidirectional flip mute microphone attached to the product can be voice conversation with other users and clean quality, and the microphone position is adjusted up and down to use the mute function. Audio volume control is enabled during game play by utilizing the removable headphone cable provided with it.

ASTRO A10 Headset Review ($60 ASTRO Gaming Headset!)

Comfortable, as well as solid stability and durability. Ergonomic curved structure is made of durable materials and provides stability, strong in impact. The product weight was reduced compared to 246 g and is less than previous generation, and there is no inconvenience to live without worn on all days. Headband pads and memory foam materials considering the various hair size of consumers were also high in wearing pads. All pad parts can be easily replaced, so it may be used for a long period of time.

The colors made up of five kinds of black, white, gray, mint, lilac. It is also suitable for multi-OS platform environments available on platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Mobile (Android, iOS), Playstation (PS4 / PS5), Xbox Series (X / S), and Nintendo Switches. It is ahead of environmental protection. Of the product plastic, about 35% of the plastic is made of recycled plastic, carbon neutral certification and used a certified paper package from the US Forest Management Council (FSC).

Logitech Korea Yoon Jae-young’s office was reborn as a two-generation product with a more sophisticated design and functionality of Astro gaming with a lot of love with a gaming headset, “he said.” I hope to see it. “