Halo Infinite is already in the market for quite a while and we are still waiting for the opportunity to finally play the story campaign in the coop, from the Forge mode to all. Even if these features are to be submitted later this year, there is now also evidence that maybe even this year an extension for the story campaign could appear. In any case, 2022 is still working internally in the campaign, which many fans interpret.

Halo Infinite maybe 2022 gets a story DLC

That’s why: On the LinkedIn profile of an employee of the Halo Studio 343 Industries is equal several times that he has worked on so-called “campaign 2022 initiatives”. From September 2021 so far he is the “2022 campaign director”. What sounds strong afterwards as if it does not necessarily mean the story campaign published in early December 2021.

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What exactly does that? Finally, this can not be answered. But this linkedIn profile seems more or less to indicate that 343 industries are internally worked on a Halo Infinite campaign – and coop or multiplayer is missing every trace here. The chances are pretty good that actually a kind of story DLC could come.

Rumors are persistent: This also fits on the statements of the developer studio, which Halo Infinite wants to further support and expand for many years as a service game. Rumors around a story extension already exist for a while. For example, the Microsoft Trademark, which would fit extremely well with a DLC for the campaign:

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Halo Infinite:

New trademark makes fans puzzle about DLC


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Do not be pleased too soon! All this does not necessarily mean that the story extension actually comes. We may have to do it here with the long-announced co-op or something very different. You should currently enjoy the speculation with appropriate caution.

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