In GTA 5, it is not that easy to come to money. Because many repeatable jobs in the Rockstar gangster epic do not throw as much money as you should expect. Instead, it earns most of the money of the three protagonists through predators within the story. If you want to further multiply this money, then you only have a little trickery on the stock market. How best works, we’ll tell you here.

The Story Predators

Caution! Please note that five major major missions from GTA 5 are spoiled in this guide!

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Each of the five large busts of the game keeps a potentially large payday ready for you. However, it depends on which decisions you meet in the preparations for these. Therefore, we tell you which options you want to choose to get the maximum from these non-repeatable missions.

If you do not feel like being rich in correctly illegal path, you can also simply use cheat codes:

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1. The jewel robbery

approach: subtle

Hacker: Rickie Hinkens

Sagittarius: Packie McCReary

Driver: Karim Denz

Thanks to Rickie you will have a lot more time to use as much money as possible. Packie is not better than the other options that you have available, but significantly cheaper. You turn it off at a random event near Franklin’s house. The main thing is, however, that you do not take a standard. This will lose his money bag and die. Although you can pick up the bag, yet you should go safe on number.

2. The MerryWeather robbery

No matter what you choose here, the job will fail. You do not get a single dollar.

3. The thing in Paleto

Sagittarius: Packie McCReary / Chef

If your packie already had in the last mission, he has significantly better values ​​than the alternatives. If your packie did not have or unlocked, then chef is perfect for the job. But do not take a norm or Daryl. Both will fail at the mission and their loses one third of the total money.

4. The Bureau raid

approach: over the roof

Hacker: Rickie Hinkens

Sagittarius: Norm Richards

Driver: Taliana Martinez / Karim Denz

Rickie is completely sufficient as a hacker. This is just the time you need for the Hacking MiniGame. But it does not depend on your reward. Norm can not break anything for a change, so he is completely enough.

Taliana, you have to unlock exactly like packie through an event. She finds her at a crashed vehicle near the Great Ocean Highway at Mount Chiliad. Bring you to your destination before you blew and your turns you as a driver free. Thanks to the ambulance with which she fails, you have it very easy to shake the cops in the raid.

5. The big thing

Approach: Brachial

Sagittarius 1 (Franklin): Daryl Johns

Sagittarius 2 (Michael): Norm Richards

Driver 1 (Heli): Taliana Martinez

Driver 2 (train): Karim Denz

In any case, take the brachial approach. Otherwise, with all characters, they earn about $ 6,000,000 less. The shooters make no difference in this mission, which is why their cheapest alternatives can choose here. Taliana is the cheapest choice, as far as the helicopter is concerned. Karim should leave the train, because he would crash with the heli.

Have you done everything right, then you go with $ 41 million per character from the raid.

Stock trading in GTA 5

If you have collected enough start-up capital, then you can manipulate the stock market within GTA 5. Almost every brand in the game has a competitive company. With missions and different actions you can play these two against each other and make a lot of coal.

This distinguishes the game between multiplayer and singleplayer. The prices of BAWSAQ shares are based on the actions of the players in GTA online. Therefore, you can only affect the fluctuations only. LCN shares , on the other hand, are only influenced by your actions in the solo game and natural fluctuations.

For example, if you switch off the CEO of a company within Lester Attset Missions , then the shares of competition increase. If you want to drink twice, you can buy with the profit directly afterwards securities of the struck company and wait until the stock has recovered. For this, however, a few hours in the game should pass. Sleep for it for a few times.

Always remember to save before investing and switch off the carave function of the game.

The first assassination mission of Lester is Hotel murder . She is the only one that you have to do for the story. The others are completely optional, which is why you should pick you up if you have a lot of coal. Pay attention to all missions that money of all characters to invest, not only of one, otherwise a lot of profits escapes. As you best invested, tell you the following table:

Even more money through destruction. But even outside of missions you can take advantage of the competition between the companies. For example, buys cheap equities of Ecola and then drive through the city and breaks vending machines of the other soda providers. Sleep a few times and checks your depot. You can repeat that as desired. This also works with the two airlines in Los Santos. Buys the shares of one company and brings on the airport machines of the other airline with the rocket launcher from the sky. But even here the rule applies: Save before and issue Autosave!

The submarine glitch


Card position suitcase


Especially at the beginning of the game you have not yet so much money available. Then maybe this little mistake is worthwhile for you. Traveled to the coast of Los Santos, as we marked it on the screenshot. Just as before, you should save and issue the autosave function.

Now dive down to the submarine and collects the suitcase with the $ 25,000. Stores on the previous score and then load it again. You now have the money, but the suitcase is back. Repeats that as long as you want and you can build a handsome starting capital.

What is your tip for the quick money in Los Santos?