Battle with royalists is one of the few cases when the service route is a real problem. Patriatte is surrounded by enemies, and even more for your back. How to defeat this enemy?

You can really speed your way through this battle. You just need to remember your goal: Win the patriciate . Like the battle with Avlorian in chapter 15, this is the stage of the boss. You have to defeat the patriatte before the enemies behind you will be able to catch up with your position, otherwise you will be broken.

how to defeat the patriat

Patriat is a little tank and surrounded by enemies, as already mentioned, but you can quickly defeat it, if you put your units correctly. Below are several tips:

  1. Bring characters that can stop the enemy , it is desirable those who have long-range abilities. Some examples: Hewette (arrow walking in the shadow), Lionel (provocation) and Rudolph (Sleep).
  2. Fit Eradid with you. Eradidor will distract enemies around the patriattes with his double tile. Provocate skill. Just do not forget to provoke magicians, otherwise they will win him from one attack. You can also hold TP Mages at a low level with Julio or kill them first. They have very little HP!
  3. Bring Anna with you. Give her secrecy and place her in the rear of the Patricate thugs, so that she wait until the rest of her allies approach. Anna can attack twice for the move, so if you surrender two subsequent attacks to a patriatte with a strong attacking, such as Sernea, on the opposite side, you quickly defeat it.
  4. Use Light wave Quietus, when will be ready to rush on Patriatte.
  5. Use missed opportunity When the patriatte is suitable too close for comfort, and you have not completely surrounded it.

Without Benedict, be sure to have medina with you. The high-speed medicine can give another move, which should be useful for Anna. Her Double Items and HP Physick skills are also useful for emergency treatment.

Triangle Strategy Beginners Guide to Battle

Your Cordelia has no improvement, so it is very vulnerable. You can save her life while holding it next to your allies, but if I am overpouring a lost archer, nothing terrible! The battle will cost without her help.

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