The Warlords of New York extension of Division 2 arrived, bringing many new adventures to all impatient agents. Unfortunately, the extension is currently treating some problems, such as people who can not speak with community leaders, and some other bugs. To properly resolve these problems, Ubisoft must deploy an unplanned maintenance period to apply appropriate fixes. This means some timekeeping time while deploying the update.

The servers will be closed for unplanned maintenance on Tuesday, March 3 at the following times:

Disconnection Issues - The Division 2
* 09:30 CET
* 03:30 am is
* 00:30 AM PST

The estimated unavailability time is about 3 hours.

Unfortunately, even if Unisoft plans to deploy patches for the problems below, they can not guarantee that this will happen within the above time because there is still work to be done on these day-to-launch issues.

  • Fixed a problem that prevents the “reaching city hall” objective for the Woman introductory mission to update and teleport players to a different location.

  • Fixed a problem that made the players who left the cinematics of the helicopter were placed and stuck in the church of the Trinity.
  • Fixed a problem that prevents players from interacting with the NPCs of the community leader.
  • Other improvements to the backend to prevent ECHO errors from occurring for players

Community leader situation

According to Ubisoft, they have seen players report that reconnect or quick trips from and to safe homes can solve the community’s leader’s problem, but this method has not yet solved the problem for us. The problem seems to be due to the fact that the NPC does not work properly in a server instance. Players who are capable of changing server instance by the methods mentioned above might interact with the NPC.

If this does not solve the problem for you, all you can do is wait until the end of the maintenance period, when Ubisoft will, hopefully, solved the problem.