Datalick Entertainment and Cheongki Box Games are scheduled to launch ‘Wildcat Gun Machine’ for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The PC is available on steam, Epic Games Store and

In the ‘Wildcat Gun Machine’, the player is thrown into a underground plush, such as a maze filled with grocious and evil enemies. To achieve the goal, the players are given by more than 40 weapons options and character upgrades. The ‘Wildcat Machine’ is a specialized puzzle specially designed for each classic bullet narrative boss before and at level. Remember that cats should put their favorite laser dots on the eyes of enemies.

Wildcat Gun Machine - Official Release Date Trailer

Key Features

\ – Bulletheless Shooter Game
\ – More than 40 weapon options
\ – Player can be upgraded to suit your unique play style
\ – Finish Boss
\ – Unique 2D Art Style

You can add a “Wildcat Gun Machine” to the wish list from the steam and participate in the discord and get detailed news.