It will probably take the traditional annual showcase that Microsoft is used to organizing in June before seeing the curtain rise on Starfield. Then, in the meantime, Bethesda continues to talk about the game in the form of a professional discussion interspersed with some illustrations.

Surrounded by his loyal lieutenant Emil Pagliarulo, from the head of the Quest Shen Shen and the chief artist Istvan Pelly, the director Todd Howard evokes different subjects, starting with the technical leap that Starfield should offer compared to the previous ones Bethesda Game Studios’ productions. The characters of the game will thus be modeled from a real model scan technique similar to what photogrammetry for the sets, which should lead to a more realistic rendering.

The discussion then addresses the subject of the various factions with which the player may invest, as the colonial union representing the idealized future of the Space Republic, or the Confederation Liber Astra for those who are looking for something more fantasy Western Spatial, While Ryujin Industries represents the environment of large companies and that join the scarlet fleet will play pirates in a more criminal register.

Into the Starfield - Ep2: Made for Wanderers

The team also mentions the desire to keep the unpredictable simulation side that makes the salt of the best the Elder Scrolls and Fallout, or the presence of a kind mini-game persuasion designed to spice the conversations by ensuring that the good Answer is never clearly pointed to the finger. Tom Howard seems in any case satisfied with this approach and believes that this is the best dialogue system ever designed by his team. STRARFIELD is expected on November 11, 2022 on Xbox Series and PC.

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Starfield – Constellation Log “created for nomads”