The month of March will be hot for Paramount Pictures, which is about to launch Sonic 2 movie and the HALO series in the coming days. Here are the new trailers of these two extensive adaptations.

Honor to the ancients with the trailer of the film Sonic 2, Following Quickly starting upside down after the surprise success of the first film that picked up $ 304 million at the box office, including $ 146 million in the United States, new record to beat On site for an adaptation of video game. In addition to James Marsden’s return and Jim Carey into Dr. Robotnik, the film sees Tails and Knuckles appear, which is even doubled by Idris Elba for those who opt for the VO. The film Sonic 2 will make its debut on March 30 in French cinemas.

A week earlier, on March 24, the first season of the HALO series made its long-standing debut on Canal + (or Paramount + in countries where the platform is available). The final trailer of the series is now available and gives a new overview of how HALO mythology will eventually be transcribed in this narrative format a little over 20 years after the debuts of the major. A protagonist camped here by Pablo Schreiber, surrounded by Natascha Mcelhone (Dr. Halsey) and Jen Taylor (Cortana).

And since the Ciné / TV does, take advantage of it to note that the movie Uncharted is now in the top 10 of the biggest video game adaptations to the cinema with an estimated Box Office at $ 301 million. A figure that could still take a lot of scale depending on its welcome in China, where this adaptation has made its debut in the rooms on March 14. In all cases, the Nathan Drake camped by Tom Holland will overeat the score of the first film Sonic.