_ Chocobo GP _ finally is available for the Nintendo Switch, but it seems that the new game of Square Enix started with the left foot. Just a few hours after its launch, the fans began to complain about the way the game, which has an admission price of $ 50 , contains a series of additional elements and characters that cost real money.

While you can unlock more than 20 characters and nine tracks with just enjoying history mode, competitors like Cloud are only available through a seasonal pass. Although tickets and gil can be achieved by playing traditionally, you need to use real money to get mythril . It is so many complain that this type of monetization should not be available in an experience like this.

In this case, get cloud requires you to have the season pass, which has a price of 800 Mythril of $ 170 pesos during its launch. Fortunately, during these days you can get this content for free, but this will not be the case in the future. Along with this, Many people are complaining that moving in the season pass requires a lot of time , even a person has noted that not even infinite halo is so bad:

“Legitimately I had no idea of ​​all this microtransing shit, I started the game, they greeted me immediately with the game currency shopping with MTX, battle pass to get rewards with two levels, and all the design makes it feel as if My switch was a ph1. Am I paying a $ 50 game or a mobile game F2P? Even Halo Infinite did not make his own be as atrocious like this. “

This is a very similar system that Square Enix uses in your free-to-play mobile games . This is the main complaint of the fans. On related topics, the public is not happy either with The Diofield Chronicle.

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Editor’s note:

This would not be such a big problem if the game was worth your price without the seasonal pass. There are only nine tracks at the moment, and the characters are quite generic, with only a couple forming part of the main line of Final Fantasy.