On March 10 is Mario Day, and McDonald’s participants’ locations are celebrated with a Happy Meal Based on Luxury Kart 8. The promotion started today and fans can get 8 figures based on the game: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Toadette, Bowser and Donkey Kong. Each character travels in a KART or on a series bike, some of which are in antigravity mode. Given the fact that Mario Kart 8 luxury has been a great success in Nintendo Switch, the promotion will probably be exciting for Mario fanatics of all ages!

An image of the figures can be found below.

Interestingly, most of these figures were published as part of a McDonald’s promotion for Mario Kart 8 when it was launched at Wii U in 2014. The 2014 promotion included a visor with the theme of Mario Kart that children could use, but the This year’s promotion has eliminated this option in favor of Toadette. The inclusion of the character is probably much more pleasant for fanatics, especially for those who collected the rest of the figures when they were launched for the first time. Like the 2014 promotion, the figures include traces that can be used to decorate karts.

While the moment of this promotion of Happy Meal is perfectly aligned with the day Mar10, it is also an excellent way for Nintendo to promote its Mario Kart 8 luxury reinforcement course pass. The Booster Course Pass will add 48 new tracks to the game in the coming months, and the first batch will arrive on March 18. Mario Kart fanatics have been asking for new content for quite some time, and Booster Course Pass will give you the opportunity to see a series of tracks that cover the history of the series. This includes dear songs such as Mario Kart Wii ‘s Coconut Mall, but also adds several courses that first appeared in the _Pasement in Karts of Mario Mobile game The Booster Course Pass will be offered for $ 24.99 or as part of a subscription pay to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

McDonald's MARIO KART Happy Meal Toy Review 2022 #mariokarthappymeal2022

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