As the NFL insiders Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter reports consistent, Wentz changes from the Indianapolis Colts to the Washington Commander. Accordingly, “pays” the capital city team a two-round pick and two third-round picks, one of which can be subsequently to the two-round pick, dependent on Wentz ‘.

In return Wentz changes to the Commanders, also Washington returns a two-round pick.

Thus, Wentz returns to the NFC East, where he spent his career at the Philadelphia Eagles the first five years. With Philly, he was also in 2018 Super Bowl winner, but he had missed the final himself because of a cruciate ligament tear. After the injury Wentz could never build on his previously shown performances, 2021 he was released for two draft picks to Indianapolis. Again, the playmaker did not want to convince, missed the play-offs on the last matchday – and so the colts gave him off again.

BREAKING: Carson Wentz traded to the Washington Commanders | SportsCenter
24. February 202201: 06: 39 hours

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For Washington, at least preliminary the search for a quarterback – a position on which the franchise has desperately searched for continuity since the departure of Kirk Cousins. In the past season, Ryan Fitzpatrick should lead the team, but the Routinian was already injured in the first season game and fell out for the complete season.

The colts, on the other hand, are now there without starting quarterback. According to reports, Indianapolis should be interested in 49ers playmakers Jimmy Garoppolo.