Since last week you can rush in Gran Turismo 7 on numerous virtual puistries to collect credits and cars in extensive campaign mode. The credits you receive, among other things, for completed races or you can win with roulette rounds. Alternatively, credits can also be bought against real money over micropransaktions.

And that caused some confusion for some fans, because in Gran Turismo Sport, for example, individual cars were still buying against real money. In GT7, however, microtransactions can be used exclusively for credits.

The prices are composed as follows:

  • 100,000 credits for 2.49 euros
  • 250,000 credits for 4,99 Euro
  • 750,000 credits for 9.99 euros
  • 2,000,000 credits for 19.99 euros

In GT Sport, individual cars were still buying against real money

The problem: Most buyable cars in GT sport cost between one and five euros. The prices in GT7 for identical models are significantly more expensive. Where an Audi R18 TDI was purchased, for example, for just under 3 euros in GT sport, you need to buy 3,000,000 credits in GT7, which leads to a price of just under 40 euros – if it is to be paid exclusively by real money.

Do not worry: The absence of a 1 million credit level in GT7 is therefore already criticized by many, but we can take a concern, however.

The use of real money is in no point in Gran Turismo 7 , so you do not have to spend a real money to make cars. The microtransactions are thus completely optional.

Each model is also to be purchased by normal credits, a shortage of the Ingame currency was not at no time at our test, and many cars are given to you about the café missions. Through the use of real money, you only save yourself the time it would take to earn a vehicle “normal”.

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* Column: Finally, the dualSense features are more than just a gimmick for me!

Gran Turismo 7 goes differently than GT sport in a somewhat more classical direction as GT sport, thus sets out on a comprehensive campaign mode without comprehensive multiplayer modes. Overall, you can put 424 vehicles in the virtual garage and compete on 34 racetracks, more should be supplied by DLC in the future.

What do you say about the microtransaktions in GT7?