PICCOLO'S NEW FORM REVEALED in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Since last year it was announced that Broly would be back at Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero , and although we still do not know exactly what such participation will be legendary super saiyajin within Movie, the fans are already excited to see it again on the big screen. If you are one of them, then you do not want to miss this new look at the character.

A couple of days ago a new trailer of Super Hero was released, which showed us with much more detail some of the characters that will be part of this future feature film. Among them we have the legendary Broly , who seems to have an important fight between him.

As you can see, the authors of him kept the same design he had in the 2018 film, so they should not worry about any kind of change. However, it seems that the clothing of it has changed and this could indicate that the BROLY of Super Hero will be much more civilized we saw a few years ago.

Editor’s note: Broly is one of my favorite characters from all Dragon Ball, and what Akira Toriyama did with him in the movie I liked it a lot. Now we have a much more human Broly with more empathic qualities and that, over time, it will end one of the most valuable allies for Goku and his company.