Elden Ring is a masterpiece for many reasons. In our analysis we talk about its enormous size, the dense is the map, the amount of things to do or how well your narrative is adapted to an open world. But maybe there is an issue that is passed over in the games of from software and that in this last video game has reached its greatest levels.

We are talking about Artificial Intelligence . The heads of their games often have a great range of movements and always have to “make decisions” to try to hit us in the most efficient way. After Sekiro , where certain enemies had even more skills than ever, the complexity of the AI ​​in Software seemed to have touched roof.

But the reality is that there was still too much to see. Elden Ring demonstrates at certain points the good thing that is the From Software team programming the artificial intelligences of the various enemies, but especially thanks to the spirits we can invoke.

A good way to check it is a concrete fight at the end of the Lucaria Academy , in Liurnia. The second legacy dungeon, as it has been agreed to call it in From Software, has an enemy that has no bar of life or the rest of the proper treatment of a final boss, but it is quite hard. In fact, surely many players choose to move from it to be able to progress.

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In practice, if we do not know that it is an enemy controlled by the machine, it could be taken as a rival of the invasions of human players. If you play melé, parry will be made to the loose blows and will kill you at a blow; If you play at a distance, you will start making use of your staff to launch spells.

Chusa demonstrates the level of programming from Software

Surely you know Chusa M. Montero , a benchmark of the non-hit community and the Souls in general. For during the streaming of him playing Elden Ring he ran into this enemy. Far from fleeing, something that does not house at all with the level of Chusa, he dedicated himself to modifying himself strategy to attack this enemy without dying in the attempt.

Since the rival can only do parry to normal attacks, Chusa made use of jumping attacks and attacks with a whip, which can not be stopped with said maneuver. After this, he realized that he could do him himself a parry to the enemy, moment behind the magic happened. The artificial intelligence of said gentleman took note of what he did previously, and then he started doing the same: attacking many more times in jump to avoid by parrys.

Of course, the man beat the machine after a few attempts. But the reality is that is even exciting to see how from Software has been able to schedule a common enemy , with importance below that of Bosses, that is also capable of counteracting players’ skills .