The world of Elden Ring is tough. Only the strongest survive and even that maybe. How practical that we can help our personal happiness with a lot of level ups something on the jumps. Here I tell you a place where you can farm farms quickly and efficiently and that is still accessible early.

In this place on the map you can run good runes

The point mentioned is at the end of Caelid, the Red Land in the east of the starting area . While this is full of terrible monsters, which are usually done to you at the beginning, but thanks to your riding storm wind you can prove past everything until you reach the outermost top.

Activates the luminous celebration, the place of grace at the end of the headland so that you have a cheap checkpoint. Alternatively, there is another memory point on the bridge that leads to the region. The big level in front of the building is our goal. To the dark, winged colleagues right in front of the entrance makes her better first a bow, then he does not do anything. Instead, you can scan the wide area for small GNOM-like creatures.


Farming Spot on the map checkpoints

Elden Ring - How to Get 100k Runes in ONE MINUTE - Fast Leveling & Rune Farm Guide!


Of them are teeming here namely and they are really perfect to enrich existence on their weak. I actually felt the approach of small conscience, when I have seen the almost cute beings to dozens always and always crowded, because the greens also have inexperienced stains hardly against putting something concerned when they are concerned right.

No space for self-doubt

My bad conscience was also quickly gone again, because each of the little beasts are 1094 souls ! One thousand! And at this level there are 15-20 pieces of it rum from that in about 10 minutes of all the farms.

There is a few things to pay attention:

  • Sneak: The GNOME stands on a large distance from each other and are very slow. You can use you without any problems at each one individually to land a critical goal, which makes a lot of damage
  • Heavy weapons: If you have an ax, a great sword, or the like, you can quickly break the attitude of the Gnome. Ideally, you make a stealth attack, skin on a few times and can then directly land the next critical hit. Since every hard hit brings the greens to the wag, they can not fight back. Haha!
  • Bleeding: If you started with the Samurai, or otherwise came to a weapon with bleeding damage, then the little Gnome may not like that at all.

ATTENTION Damage: The pitualized creatures are easy to defeat, but also pure in with near and ranged attacks. So best have a sign that blocks a lot of physical damage. So you are right.

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Time died? No problem!

If everything works, each of the opponents stops only a few seconds. Then it goes to the next. And if you should die, that’s not bad at all. You start again at the checkpoint nearby and because on the big plain off the slow gnome nobody is else, you can easily stroll again to your runes to pick it up.

This allows you to accumulate thousands of runes without much risk early in the game and distribute it to your character values. Although the request for a level up increases over time, but with 1000 runes per opponent you can stay here for a long time to effectively farm. I’m currently level 46 and now need about 13,000 runes per level. That’s not even a walk over the meadow! Easy.

Do you have already found good places for farms? Help the others and writes them in the comments!