What are the best Batman Games on PlayStation **? Well, there is no shortage of contenders among whom to choose because when we think about it, Batman is the perfect protagonist of the video game. The alter-ego of Bruce Wayne, who fights against the crime, excels in the acrobatic combat with the body to the body, of course, but it also has access to a multitude of high technology gadgets and, under the hood, is a detective in his heart. Consider all this and you have the plan for a decent adaptation of the so-called CAPED Crusader of DC COMICS.

Over the years, there were dozens of catches on the Dark Knight, links with the films of the PS1 era to the acclaimed action adventures of Rocksteady. All episodes have not reached Wayne Enterprises, many of the previous attempts being particularly mixed, but more recently, Batman has been successful in Lego and even in the form of combat game, the Injustice series being an example. notable.

On this page, we included a list of best Batman games on PlayStation , from its first origins on PS1 to its more contemporary meetings on PS5. If you want to settle with the Dark Knight for a brown adventure through Gotham City, we have compiled all its best PlayStation meetings in one place. This list is ordered according to your personal notes, so if you want to have your say, do not hesitate to click on the star next to one of the game names to add your score.

As a reminder, if you do not agree with the order, it’s up to you to have your say: this list will evolve and will reorganize dynamically over time depending on your votes, which means This is a live performance of the best Batman Games on PlayStation **. Do you agree with the list or not? Do not be double: let us know which title is a masterpiece and which is a joker for obtaining such a high score. There is no riddler here: everything depends on you.

Best PlayStation by Series Games

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22. Batman: Gotham City Racer (PS1)

Rather than a third-person action game, Batman: Gotham City Racer takes place entirely in the Batmobile. Inspired by the animated TV series Batman The New Adventures – with cinematics based on extracts directly drawn from the series – this title PS1 focuses more on the counter-stitch point in an open world Gotham City, as opposed to The pure and simple race. The result is a less exciting global set that its name indicates, but the polygonal visuals are at least impressive – even if the frame of the city seems empty and languishes through a ridiculous number of loading screens.

21. Batman forever: arcade game (PS1)

Batman Forever, the film of 1995 released after Tim Burton’s films, featuring Val Kilmer in Capered Crusader’s role and Jim Carrey in Riddler’s, is widely ridiculed today. Heck, he was also filmed at the time – and is widely regarded as one of the worst films of superheroes of all time. This acclaim link, developed at the peak of Mortal Kombat with a similar visual style, is not particularly great either. It is a counterfeit of Streets of Rage with a few moments of play neat, but bulky controls inhibit its frantic pace and flashy effects.

20. Batman and Robin (PS1)

George Clooney was Batman in the film Batman & Robin from 1997, who is one of the most embarrassing attempts to bring the black knight on a big screen. This video game link, however, also dated that it is, is incredibly ambitious for the time: an open world Gotham City awaits you, that you can explore on foot and in the Batmobile as you please. The visuals are surprisingly impressive for the time, and although the gameplay is gross and old today, you must at least respect the effort displayed here.

19. Batman: the ascent of sin tzu (PS2)

A Beat -’em-Up 3D inspired by the New Batman Adventures, Ubisoft’s Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu followed Batman Vengeance with a similar adventure against emblematic antagonists like Scarecrow, Bane and ClayFace. Although his fight-oriented gameplay may seem extremely repetitive compared to modern standards, there is something satisfying to hammering Gotham City’s greatest citizens in this cartoon cape featuring Capered Crusader.

18. Batman Vengeance (PS2)

Linked in the PS2 era, this time inspired by the TV series The New Batman Adventures, Batman Vengeance of Ubisoft is mainly a 3D Beat-’em-up, where you will face bad guys like Mr Freeze and Harley Quinn. However, it has some tips, including a Batmobile tracking sequence and some first-person game systems. It’s rough on the edges and largely unplayable according to modern standards, but some can find pleasure in the variety of the activities of this short campaign.

17. Batman starts (PS2)

Before the era of the cinematographic world Marvel, Christopher Nolan has temporarily made Batman the largest superhero of the planet with his own version of Capered Crusader. Batman Begins, with Christian Bale in the role of the black knight, told a history of origin, and this link with the film followed largely the same scenario. With solid visuals, a number of different gadgets and a solid gameplay variety – including some Batmobile segments – it was a decent film link for the time, but totally banal today.

16. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Luxury Edition (PS3)

The Best Batman Game No One Played

Portage of the PS Vita game of the same name, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is much less impressive inflated on the big screen. Although this remill has improved visuals, the lateral scrolling action seems significantly lower than its full counterparts, also available on the PS3. If you want more Batman and have already exhausted all the other options available, you can take part – if not, it’s an easily ignoring experience on console.

15. Mortal Kombat against DC Universe (PS3)

It may be difficult to believe these days, but in 2008, when Mortal Kombat against DC Universe came out, the series of emblematic arcade fights from NetherrealM Software crossed a difficult period. Throwing superheroes like Batman in the list seemed to be a solid solution, and it worked: This crossover has provided crisp content and killer casting. While, in the end, pretty light on the content to be unblock – and would continue to be improved by series as injustice – he proved the jolt in the arm of which Mortal Kombat needed, before his restart in 2011.

14. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (PS Vita)

While the ports were quite common on PS Vita, some developers have seen the device as an opportunity to reinvent some of their biggest brands. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate was not a low resolution portage of his PS3 counterpart, but a brand new title located in the global universe of Rocksteady. He failed to reach the summits of the main games, but it is always a summary lateral scrolling inspired by DC’s dark detective.

13. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (PS4)

At the moment Lego Batman 3 arrived in 2014, the formula was beginning to become a little obsolete. Following the plan of his immediate predecessors of superheroes, including the Lego Marvel superheroes on Marvel’s theme, this entrance seemed a little flat just one year after the previous effort of the Traveler’s Talle developer, with a light script and The same game loop focused on puzzles. One for the Uber Batfans, so we assume.