If your Fallout fans asks to bring all parts of the franchise into a ranking, then a game will always appear far (or even completely) above, which is not incurred at the Black Isle or Bethesda Game Studios. We mean, of course, Fallout New Vegas, which was developed as an independent offshoot of the Obsidian Entertainment series and appeared in 2010 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

New Vegas, baby!

For New Vegas, the story talk, with all the interesting figures, the RPG elements, the class radio program and the great DLCs. And of course that is not so much surprise that New Vegas has become a great fallout game. Finally, some obsidian veterans worked in advance with the already mentioned Black Isle Studios, who was responsible for Fallout (1997, then Interplay) and Fallout 2 (1998).

And why this long introduction? According to industry insider Jeff Grubb, the responsible persons in Microsoft and Obsidian Entertainment is currently seriously serious about the implementation of a successor of Fallout New Vegas (Buy Now)! Specifically, he told in an episode of his “Giantbomb Show” (via Eurogamer): “ES is really a very early process, but people have started talking to talks, and these people say sentences with words like” Obsidian “and” New Vegas 2 “, A lot of people at Microsoft believe that this could work, and there are many interest in Stemming this project.

Obsidian Developed Fallout New Vegas 2 Is Reportedly Being Discussed By Microsoft

Only Avowed, then New Vegas 2?

Let’s see the emergence of the first tangible project from the takeover of Bethesda in 2020/2021 ? Finally, Microsoft only has the power through this deal to simply distribute the next Fallout project to Obsidian. The Bethesda Game Studios should be well utilized with Starfield and the next Elder Scrolls part for the next few years. Obsidian Entertainment also has another project in work: the role-play Avowed, from which we have heard nothing more since the trailer from 2020 . What does it look like: Do you see Bock on a Fallout New Vegas 2? Betray us in the comments!

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