Adam Cole recently visited the Comicbook study in Nashville before the February 16 episode of AEW DINAMITA. That same week was confirmed that Cole would challenge “Hangman” Adam Page by the World Championship AEW, remembering the story they share in Bullet Club and Cole’s ability to become the best in all other important promotions in which he has been. The AEW television months have also seen Cole realign with the ancient teammates on his team at Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, as well as forming team with his companion Britt Baker.

Cole talked about these issues after a long discussion about him for Halo infinito as well as the hopes of him for the next Halo series premiered in Paramount + at the end of this month. See the highlights of our conversation with Cole then and be attentive to AEW live coverage. Revolution pay-per-view this Sunday!

You are a great halo fan and have passed a couple of months from Halo infinite fallen. What are your thoughts about the game at this time?

Love it. Then, again, I have been waiting for the next halo since 2015 when Halo was launched 5. I put hours and hours in the multiplayer mode of that game. I played all Halo campaigns, so I had many expectations for infinite, you know, especially for the campaign. I love good FPS based on history or good games based on history in general, and tradition and halo universe have always been fascinated.

So once again, my expectations were very high. I was still attracted to the idea that it was an open world halo, which was very excited. I was excited that they were immersed in more things with Cortana or The Weapon, all these different things with the boss. And I can tell you that I was not disappointed.

He exceeded my expectations in every way. I have already played and overcome the campaign in Heroic. I still have to go through Legendary and get all the collectibles and those things. And multiplayer mode has also been fantastic. What made me so happy was to talk to all these different people who may not have played halo since Halo 3, let’s say. And now there are a lot of my friends who said: ‘Hey, have you tried the new infinite halo? It is impressive. ‘Then it seems that halo is back in all the senses of the word.

How do you think they handled the campaign?

I really enjoyed it, especially too, without going into mass spoilers or anything. The story did not really end the way I expected. Halo 5 was as focused on Cortana and now we have this, this new IA, The Weapon. And the boss still with that longing for cutting, and wanting to find out what happened to him, if he is still out there. I really enjoyed where they went with the story. They managed to take two new characters, one that was an AI and the other that was the soldier and made me invest completely in them. And I think Halo fanatics also appreciated the fact that they spent so much time and both approach, literally all the game, the master chief, which is the end of everything when it comes to halo.

Is the grip hook the best they have added in years?

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Undoubtedly, you know, apart from all the great things you can do in [The] campaign and only your movement, your ability to escape the situation. Within multiplayer mode, it is incredible. As the first time I saw someone, you know, another person was flying a Banshee and someone used the grip hook to rise in the air and then kidnap the vehicle and turn around and change the title of the game. What a great addition. I would never have thought about that as an option. The grip hook is amazing, and as I was playing in heroic, I can not tell you how many times the grip hook saved my life, just to escape situations. I still have not returned good enough to be able to grab a gun in the air or something like that, but I’m working on it.

We also recently received the first trailer of the Halo paramount + series. What did you think about that?

When I say it will take long to arrive, this also applies to this television program. Just looking at the trailer and actors and actresses that have involved, halo’s franchise has a lot of history to tell. And I feel that this series is going to be very much based on history. The CGI, the graphics and the action jacks are incredible. I will definitely be seeing this series from beginning to end when it comes out. And anything more related to halo, I sign up.

Have you confirmed that this will have its own separate timeline from the games, but what rhythm of history should they preserve?

I think it is really important to make the teacher chief someone who everyone admired and that they really look like ‘this guy helped us save humanity.’ So I do not know how involved, if he is, the teacher boss will really be a focal point within this television series. But I want him to feel really special. I would also love the idea that they immerse themselves more in the background of The Covenant, because I loved what they did with the inquisitor in [halo] 2 and 3. So I think it would be great. I love attention to detail, and I feel that Halo’s franchise has always been very good at that. But at the same time, there is a lot of mystery around The Covenant and The Flood.

They have to touch The Flood! That is the only thing I really expect at some point, whether the games or television series, who bring back the flood because the first introduction of The Flood and see what is so frightening, all of a suddenly became In a set of terror. So I feel that one or two episodes in which the television program gives a bit of fear with the participation of The Flood would be amazing.

The last time we talked, Bobby Fish had just signed with the company. Now you have it to him and Kyle O’Reilly supporting you and have been making team with Britt. How do you feel all that?

Is incredible. I know Bobby and Kyle for more than a decade. These guys are not just two of my friends on screen, but two of my best friends in real life. I was at Kyle’s wedding. I have been associated with Kyle and somehow since 2009 and Bobby Fish the same. So we would travel together. We talk every day. So, coming from the race we had together in NXT and now being here at AEW is a dream come true for me. And then, as far as Britt is concerned, I mean, there is nothing better than that. Forever, when I finished with a promotion or a game, she communicated by FaceTime when she reached the hotel and talked. But now, being able to be there behind and when she crosses the curtain and be able to give him a hug or talk to her about how it was and just celebrate the night with her, being physically there is the best. And then being able to leave her and work with her is even more great. There is nothing better than doing what you like to do with your partner.

A lot has been talked about how you have been used in AEW until now. A program with Hangman finally shut up critics?

I do not know. I think some people look at it and think it is really exciting to finally have the opportunity to intervene there with a guy like Hangman, whom I respect a lot. He is a great World Champion of AEW. At the end of the day, I guess what I am trying to say is that I know some people will be happy with the address I’m going, and some people will not be happy.

And that is just the reality of our situation and the business of professional wrestling. I think fanatics have a lot so they are very excited. I think especially where we go and what is about to happen. So trust me when I tell you that good things come for Adam Cole.

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