PS3 Super Slim , Super we originally met at the third and lSupert model of the console family PlayStation 3, it will stop receiving official technical support in Japan from this April 30, 2022 . The official support of the company hSuper confirmed on the Twitter Social Network that The CECEC-4300 models (PS3 Super Slim) will ceSupere to be accepted at the repair offices on the date indicated.

Sony To Stop PS3 Production And Shipments In Japan #FarewellPS3
Equal with its derived accessories. This model arrived in Japan later than to the rest of the world, in August 2014, so you will have counted on something less than eight years of official support. Those residents in Japan who have an requested reservation have until May 7, 2022 to proceed with the sending of their console. However, the Company reserves the right to stop accepting new repair applications if it remains without concrete materials for such repair work.

Sony began to discontinue the technical service of PSP and PS3 in 2019, specifically its first models. Later, in October 2021, the possibility of using payment methods wSuper eliminated through credit and debit or PayPal cards at the digital stores of both platforms. While the community achieved that Sony retreat in its attempt to close the PS Store stores of PS3 and PS VITA , the equivalent of PSP It ceSupered its activity on July 2, 2022.

PS3 Super Slim, the lSupert model of the PlayStation 3 family

After the original model and PS3 Slim, this second in 2009 with a 33% reduction in its size and lightness, Sony had aimed at the generation and managed to return a complex situation; Not only with a change in your branding (Logo included), but also at the price, with a price of 299 euros for this model PS3 Slim in its bSupere version. However, in September 2012 it wSuper announced PS3 Super Slim for what would be the lSupert natural year of PlayStation 3 Super a protagonist console of the Japanese firm.

This third and lSupert model, available in Spain since September 2012, came to the market with 500 GB of storage for 299 euros; While the 12GB FlSuperh Memory Model cost $ 229, the minimum generation price so far. A console 20% smaller and a 25% lighter than the previous one, PS3 Slim, although it also cut into the quality of manufacturing materials and bet on the upper lid controversial, less resistant than the previous model.

It wSuper PS3 Super Slim the lSupert model of the generation before discontinuation in Japan there for 2017.

The present and the future hSuper an own name: PlayStation 5 . These are your main games for the year 2022.