Alola’s season finally started in Pokemon Go, and players can now catch the Rockruff and Lycan Rock, which is now located in Alolan. Rockruff is one of many Pokémon with a special evolutionary path and can develop into two different forms of LycanRoc. LyrcanRoc has a lunch as well as a midnight shape, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Since this Pokémon can be a powerful ally in the right team, many Pokémon Go players wonder how they can develop their little puppies in his two developed forms. How to develop Rockruff in Pokemon Go to both forms of LycanRoc.

How to catch Rockruff in Pokemon Go

Rockruff gives his Pokemon Go debut in the season of Alola, so it’s the first time that players can catch this pokemon. Although it is so common in the Alola region, Rockruff can not be caught in the wild right now. You have to get an alternative way.

New catching Alola Starter Pokemon, Tapu Koko Raid, Rockruff evolution and more
Instead, the Pokémon can be purchased single-star raids during the Welcome to Alola Events together with Bellsprout, Snubbul, Phanpy and Electrike. It can also be hatched 10 km eggs throughout the season next to Jangmo-O, Espurr and many other Pokémon. Rockruff has the chance to shine, so if you are lucky, maybe meet one with a special color scheme.

Rockruff to develop LycanRoc (lunch)

If you want to develop your Rockruff in Midday Form LycanRoc, you have to develop it while the sun is shining during the day . Be sure to develop your rock smuff too early or too late, as the game may think it’s evening or early morning, which does not work. You need 50 Rockruff sweets So that this development works, so you need to catch some of them in one-star raids and 10 km eggs before they can even decide for Wolwerock.

Lunch Waywerock has a attack status of 231 Defense value of 140 and 181 stamina . It will know Sucker Punch and Rock Throw like his fast movements and have stone edge, drill Run and Crunch as his cargo was moved. The lunch form has a slightly higher attack value than the midnight form, but the other values ​​are lower in comparison.

Rockruff to develop LycanRoc (midnight)

To bring Rockruff to develop LycanRoc in Midnight form, you have to develop it during the night time While it is dark. Be careful not to develop your rock puff early in the evening or late at night, as the game could then think it was still day or dawn. This evolutionary path also costs 50 Rockruff Candy, so it may take some time until you can add a wolwerock to your team in midnight.

Midnight Mold Wolfyock ​​has 218 attack, 152 defense and 198 perseverance . For his fast movements it will know counter and stone’s throw . For his charged moves he is equipped with Stone Edge, Psychic Fangs and Knirsch . Midnightly LycanRoc has a slightly lower attack value than lunch, but its defense and stamina are much higher. It also has a much more versatile moveset, which makes it the better choice between the two.

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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