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ESA officially confirms the total cancellation of E3 2022

Digital & Physical E3 2022 Event Officially Canceled: So What's Next? - IGN Now
The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) has officially confirmed the cancellation of E3 2022 in a statement to Gamesindustry after filtering an internal mail.
Last January, the cancellation of the physical event was announced in a statement where, however, it did not make sure a return to the digital format of the past years.
Finally there will be no physical or digital E3 in 2022.
That affirms that the event will be celebrated next year: “The E3 will return in 2023 with a revitalized _showcase that will celebrate new and exciting games, as well as innovations in the industry.”
“We will dedicate our energies and resources to bring next summer, a revitalized physical and digital experience.”

The best incoming to choose from in Coromon

Coromon is the newest monster tamer game that reaches digital stores and, like many games of the genre, it can be difficult to decide which initiator to choose when your adventure begins. If you ask what choose, we have information to help you with that decision. This is what you need to know about the best incoming to choose from in Coromon .

Who is the BEST Starter in Coromon? | Full Version Guide!

What starter to choose in Coromon?

Of course, there is no correct or incorrect answer, but we will describe the strengths of each initiator to influence a bit in its decision. In Coromon, the headlines are a ice-type lubber, corugate fire-type and water type water type.

Beruga specializes in a high attack power and will eliminate other coromon easily from the beginning. He becomes a great volcanic turtle called Volcadon. Nibblegar has a high defense and a special defense to survive even the strongest attacks. It will become a giant shark, megalodon, in its final evolution. Toruga and Nibblegar are perfect if you want to focus on the attack or defense.

Cubzero is more an apprentice of all the trades that has even distributed offensive and defensive capacities. If you are looking for the most balanced option, Cubzero and its evolution of the Bearrealis Polar Bear are the right option for you.

Along with all the above information, it is important to keep in mind that the beginning of the game presents a main zone full of Electricity type, which means that Nibblegar is at a disadvantage in battles for a while at the beginning.

That’s all you need to know about the best incoming to choose from in Coromon . Be sure to search at monster tamer to get more information about the game if you are looking for more suggestions.

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The responsible study of Loop Hero encourages players to download their game by torrent

Four Quarters, the Indie Study responsible for Loop Hero, has encouraged players to download their game through Torrent due to economic sanctions against Russia.

In a post published in the Russian Social Network VK, the developers explain that some players can not make payments in Steam, while in the Nintendo Eshop, Russian payments have been suspended.

In response to this, Four Quarters encourages players who can not buy the game to “Izar the pirate flag”, and has shared the link to a quite popular torrent with it.

Soon after, after receiving offers from donations, the study published another post indicating that “there is nothing wrong with the torrents”.

“We are very grateful for your support, but the truth is that everything is fine for us, send that support to your family and your friends in these difficult times.”

It should be remembered that Four Quarters already declared in social networks that were “against the war”, before the Russian government began to retaliate against dissidents.

In Time For Lunch Achievement Guide Loop Hero

As a consequence of the sanctions imposed by the international community after the invasion of Ukraine, many videogame companies have suspended the sale of their products in Russia. Among them are, for example, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Epic or Electronic Arts.

Loop Hero was one of our favorite video games of 2021. In his analysis we said about him that “is an easy-to-understand game, difficult to dominate and almost impossible to stop playing,” and it offers “a unique playable experience”.

Yin Line, Real Estate TF operation. Market-friendly discussion plan

In the presidency of the Property TF, the Real Estate TF was opened in the first meeting and entered the basic direction of the real estate policy of the next government. In the inner, the real estate TF was configured to coordinate various tasks such as supply, detergent, and finance.

The personnel said on the 30th, and the Secondary Economy of the Eastern Economy and the Professional Committee said that the team district has established financial, tax, and supply residential welfare, and deployed the economy and practice in each minute.

It is also a plan to promote a more market-friendly discussion of the real estate TF discussion by committee the 9 real estate market private experts.

In the first meeting of TF, the first market stabilizer and market function recovery to the demand, and the market functional recovery, and the market has been promoted to the market, The consensus was formed and the individual tasks were specifically discussed.

The Investors Still Backing Property Developers, Evergrande | Shanghai | Ukraine | Chinese Economy

In particular, in terms of supply, the direction of 250 million housing supply roadmaps ▲ National support projects for the restoration of the house of the young man ▲ Influenza for the restoration of the vulnerable hierarchy,

In terms of market functional recovery, we decided to discuss assignments for lending regulations ▲ rationalization rationalization ▲ rendering of real estate.

Meanwhile, detergent, loan, reconstruction regulation, such as relaxation, such as interest rate trends, such as interest rate trends, such as interest rate trends, etc.

In the Inner, “the real estate TF will provide a policy solution that can operate in the field,” which will be able to combat their own conference as well as related associations, experts, and “the future,” said, “We will provide a policy solution that can be operated in the field.” I will do our best efforts to ensure that you can definitely.

Dead by Daylight: is now available as a board game on Kickstarter

Behavior Interactive announces that today Dead by Daylight: The Board Game starts on Kickstarter. This is how it is available today for fans on the official Kickstarter page.

The board game inspired by Dead by Daylight will appear in autumn 2022 to Halloween.

Dead by Daylight: The Board Game was developed by the Board Game Veterans Level 99 Games in collaboration with Behavior Interactive and is intended to bring the intensive experience of Dead by Daylight to the tables of the fans. The board game will be available in two variants – as a standard edition and as a Collector’s Edition.

The standard edition contains six killers, seven survivors and two cards. The Collector’s Edition contains 16 killer, 17 survivors and four cards, advanced components as well as additional hook and generator miniatures that complement the game ambience. The Collector’s Edition will only be limited after the Kickstarter campaign and is not commercially available.

  • To the campaign on Kickstarter

The game is designed for three to five players who can hatch in the roles of the survivors or killer. They pull over the game board to either survive and escape or hunt their prey.

Dead by Daylight: The Board Game - Kickstarter Critique Review

To achieve your goal, special items, talents, forces and props can be used, which are scattered on the field. The game offers a balanced relationship between playability and style.

The large game board and the detailed figures make it easy to see what happens on the other side of the table. The optics of the board game is strongly inspired by the aesthetics of the video game.

Lead Designer D. Brad Talton Jr. said: “Accessibility is a key aspect of the game. Dead by Daylight contains many detailed concepts, but they are very simple and intuitive. We have worked hard to capture this aspect in the Tabletop game, so that players can find all skill levels something that makes you fun.2

Dead by Daylight: The Board Game can be reserved to Kickstarter until April 21st. The game should be delivered in October 2022, just in time to play on Halloween parties in autumn.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 delays its launch to 2023 to produce an entirely special experience

Breath of the Wild 2 DELAYED To 2023! + New Updates!
We had begun 2022 with the impression with the clouds and also, amongst all the bombs presented by the videogame companies, numerous users had the consider The Legend of Zelda: Breath of bush 2. Regrettably, and also although Nintendo had stated in multiple Celebrations that his release remained at 2022, it appears that he will certainly have the ability to wait to take pleasure in the following adventure of the saga.

In this method, and also without far more than discussing the part of Aonuma, we will certainly have to wait on the legendary personality to offer the memorable experience of him in the following year. Till then, we can continue supposing concerning the innovative technicians that will include Nintendo in the video game, a few of which would certainly have currently been detailed with brand-new licenses, as well as on its main name, of which we still have no clue.

In the statement, Aonuma does not clarify the factors behind this choice and just comments that the development time will be extended for Develop an unique experience . Next off, he remembers some of the essential features of the title, such as exploration by land that remain in heaven, as well as unpublished clashes and also brand-new auto mechanics of gameplay to name a few enhancements.

We have known this information by Eiji Aonuma , manufacturer of the Legend of Zelda franchise as well as iconic figure concerning this saga. Via a video clip that you can see at the start of this information, he asks forgiveness openly with the neighborhood as well as establishes the premiere of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of bush 2 for Springtime of 2023 .

NBA rumors: Trades the Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis in Offseason?

Lakers Anthony Davis Trade UPDATE! Los Angeles Lakers News, Rumors, & Updates
The Los Angeles Lakers run the risk of even missing the play-in tournament this season. There should be changes in summer, even a trade of Anthony Davis should no longer be excluded.

Like Brian Windhorst (espn) at _GET UP! _ Explained, the Lakers will make changes in their squad in summer and exploit numerous possibilities. Even a trade from Anthony Davis should not be excluded. “I think that’s something you are being discussed,” said the Lakers insider.

The Power Forward played a weighty role in the title win 2020 for the franchise and signed a five-year contract in the following offseason over almost $ 190 million. Since then, Ad graduated only 73 out of 147 possible games due to injuries.

Also this season, the 29-year-old so far, only 37 lots, after he injured himself in December at the knee and shortly before the All-Star Break a violation at the foot. Since then, the Lakers won only four of their 17 games and are now slipped in Elf in the west. According to Chris Haynes (yahoo Sports), Davis could give his comeback in the night on Saturday against New Orleans.

Jake Fischer from the blacher Report, however, contradicted the report by Windhorst. “You will not trade him,” Fischer said to the rumors around the brow. “They have given up so much to get him from New Orleans. They have gone all-in to put Davis to the side of LeBron and it would be a shock for me if they would give this in the offseason.”

Articles and videos about the topic
* Does Nowitzki make the Brady? That says the NBA legend to the comeback question
* Experience the NBA live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

The Lakers attributed to Davis in the offseason 2019 and sent Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, the No.4-Pick 2019 and three more rounds of finish to New Orleans. In 135 games for the Lakers, Davis had average 24.1 points, 9.1 rebounds and 2.1 blocks in a throw rate of 51 percent from the field and 28.6 percent from the distance.

Broly and Chelye Start The New Dragon Ball Super Poster: Super Hero

As part of the advertisements that were given at the Anime Japan 2022 event, Dragon Ball fans have had the opportunity to see a little more about _ Super Hero _, the next anime movie. In this way, a poster has been revealed that gives us a better look at Broly and Chelye.

During the anime event, two new posters were announced. One of these comes directly from Anime Japan, while the other is a brochure of the tape. Although there are usually not many differences, there is a detail that draws attention, since Chelye only appears in one of these.

Another details that draw attention, is that the size of Yajirobe and Karin has decreased . In the same way, Dende has grown, and the position of Trunks has changed, and he is now next to Vegeta and Bulma. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to see Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in the cinema, since it has been delayed indefinitely.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero NEW Red Ribbon Army Weapons Revealed

In related topics, it has been revealed what role it will have BROLY in this film. Similarly, Goku and Bardock are reunited.

Editor’s note:

Each new piece of information about this film is more and more interesting. I already want to see what will happen to this movie. I just hope that the wait is not so long.

Odin, Taiwan area launches Apple App Store Sales 1st place

Cacao Games (Representative Cho Gyu-hyun) is served by the MMORPG ‘Odin: Balla Rising (“Odin”), which is developed by Lion Heart Studio (representative Kim Jae-young), ” She ranked first in both market popularity.

Local service name ‘Odin:’ Odin ‘released in Taiwan area with’ Odin ‘is’ Odin’, ▲ Unreal Engine 4 and 3D scan, the best graphics using motion capture technology, ▲ Nordic Shinhwa’s world view ▲ Executive Role of Open World, ▲ Characters, ▲ A large-scale contents such as a large-scale war, which offer an explosive combat pleasure, is a popular mall in Taiwan.

‘Odin’ is a preliminary download of 28th, which is full of formal launches, and the Taiwan Apple App Store is the first place in the first place, and demonstrated anticipation of the launch. In addition, it was founded in the Apple App Store in the Apple App Store in about 5 hours since the launch of the official service on the 29th.

Как установить приложение из App Store с iPhone
Cacao Games will be able to pay the number of “Rokki’s boxes” and ‘Order boxes’ packed “Rokki’s boxes” and ‘order boxes’ packed for users for the first place for the first place for the first place for local users.

On the other hand, ‘Odin’ participated in the Taipei International Games Show last January and has received high interest in local gamers, followed by Local CBT, and took the first foot of Taiwanese market. During the test period, it was popular in the majority of elements that make up games such as graphics, directing, and story combat, and the pre-character and server preemptive events also exceeded the number of persons who exceeded anticipation and exceeded the server emergency.

Information on cross-multi-platform games that can be enjoyed on both mobile and PCs can be found on the Taiwanese local official homepage and Taiwan ‘Odin’ on Facebook.

Child Words is a digital sorrow box full of love

Genre: Write-simulator Developer: PopCannibal Publisher: Popcannibal Release: 12. September 2019 Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS

We all have times when we are not feeling well. But talk about it, not always easy. Especially not face to face. In Child Words (Lo Fi Chill Beats to Write to) , short child words, we can at least digital and anonymously go the first step.

That’s why it’s in child Words

Child Words is a game of german box. We sit in a small virtual room, can write our worries in short letters and send them to other anonymous players inside. Who reads our message, may also respond with a letter to it, ideally with encouraging words.

Content warning: The articles of Mental Health Week deal with different aspects of mental health and sometimes include examples of negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors that can cause negative reactions in some people. Please be careful with texts that potentially contain triggering topics for you.

* Important note: * If you have depression or self-destructive thoughts: you are not al1. Please get help. For example, in the German Depression Help under 0800/33 44 533 or free advice centers.

Diana Ross & The Supremes-Love Child

On request, we can read the letters of other users in return and do the same for you. After an answer, however, the communication ends. Cut each other can only show ourselves with collectible stickers. Good English skills are a must because most messages are written in English.

The full (and a little bulky) title reveals it already: In the background run through lofi beats. Child Words is ideal for the home office, learning or relaxing. Thanks to the simple graphic style held in warm tones, this should be possible for weaker hardware.

A second monitor pays off. In screensaver mode, not only music plays; He also offers optimistic quotes or friendly embassies of other players.

That makes child words so special

Especially child Words is alone through his concept. In games, it is usually about the mastering of challenges. And in multiplayer titles or discussions in forums, experiences it does not take long until the handling tone tips – or discriminatory in the worst.

Child’s Word wants to offer all that a low-threshold, warmhearted and including alternative. It is a positivity collection pool, whose users inside us after a bad day that failures are okay, you never give more than his best Can and should always drink enough.

Our protection gives us child Words at the beginning valuable clues. There is no game to close new acquaintances. We should also revive private information (including our name). However, a moderation feature is missing. Instead, we should report rude news. Fortunately, we have not received a single one before playing.

More articles of our mental health theme week are here :

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Themed Week Mental Health: What awaits you & all articles in the overview


For whom is child Words interesting?

Child Words is suitable for almost every1. Especially after the last one and a half years, we have earned love words for brightening. Thanks to the screensaver mode, you do not even have to write letters for it.

However, consider: If your trigger words, your foreign letters should encourage carefully. During our season, mainly turned to mental health problems. Specifically, it often went to self-doubt and oppressive love kummer, but also traumatic events or self-injurious behavior.

In addition: No one-sided exchange with strangers from the Internet can replace professional help. No matter how many well-intelled advice we get.

Mental assessment

Erik Grains
@ Snoopykoira

Admitted, letters I have rarely answered in Kid Words and not written. But this is just about me and my self-imposed project, more frequently to speak directly with my friend * inside, if I’m not feeling well. But that does not change the fact that I love the idea behind child words. Meanwhile, the digital sorrow box regularly flickers about my second screen. So I have a playlist to work and must smile from time to time when I look at the dear messages of other players.

An important request: Since our articles from the Mental Health Week are more sensitive topics that have partially requested us a lot while writing, we ask you for a friendly and understanding comment culture at this point. Thank you and have fun reading!

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