The new “Elden Ring” of Promeder Software is the best evaluation from critics as revival of people’s expectations.

As the review of the Korean time, the review of the Eldon Ring at 0 o’clock is released as the review of Embrane Ring. MetaCriact is a 45 reviews standards PS5 versions, and Open Cryatic achieved an average of 96 reviews of 111 reviews. As a result, Eldon Ring was included in one of the video games that received more than 97 points that were only 24 in meta-style history, but it was a moment to record Super Mario Odyssey and ties with the game that was the highest score since Open Crytic.

One of the common opinions is that Eldon Ring is one of the best works of promotion. As the development of Zelda’s legends: Bres of the Wild’s Open World, a monumental work was born as it has met with the unique combat of Soul Series.

In fact, Bloomberg’s affiliate journalist Jason Shraii said, “One of the best games I played games I played” played in the game, “says,” The complex design of the happy wonder and dark soul that I felt in Breath of the Wild is mixed. ” Gaming Age, one of the 100 points, “said Gaming Age, said,” He exceeded the expectation of the players, “he said,” The Percentage of All What Promotors made. ” Even the medium digital trend, which gave 80 points of the minimum point, “Eldon Ring is a monumental achievement in any case”.

Eldon Ring is available on the 25th, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox ONE, PC (Steam).