With a distinctive coupe line, the new compact SUV of Volvo – completely electrically powered by two e-motors, each one front and a rear each with 150 kW / 204 hp. The elegant model with the roof line to the rear slide the Swedes to the recoverable XC40 in the rear section XC40, which is based on the same platform. Thus, the C40 Recharge Pure Electric is the second fully electric powered model of Volvo and the first, which is offered exclusively with an electric powertrain.

Lives on a big foot

Optically, the body likes, not only if lacquered in the new metallic color “Fjord-Blue”. As usual with E cars, the radiator grille is covered. Exceptional against it: The two bumps rear on the roof are nothing more than the hinges for the tailgate. Conspicuous also the front bum and the rear light band. The 19- or 20-inch “socks” fall out, the format – from 235 / 50s in front and 255/45 at the back – does not appear at all E-Like, ie environmentally conscious.

Inside it is also generous in the Coupé, even in the rear the inmates feel well housed. However, the driver restricts the flattened roof the view backwards. In the luggage compartment fit 413 liters, which corresponds to the volume of the XC40; At the front (31 liters) there is still some space for charging cables or a small bag. A maximum of 1205 liters can be stowed with folded back seat lathies, which is slightly less than in the XC40.

An eye-catcher: the high-canted screen, which houses the Android-based infotainment. manufacturer

On sustainability Volvo attaches great value, according to the leather-free interior or in the carpet floor, which consists of 71 pet sproods. Good intentions, which are not completely accompanied by making the large batteries in the E cars. At the Volvo C40 Recharge, it is about 500 kilos of heavy lithium-ion batteries with 75 kWh usable capacity. According to WLTP Standard, they allow a range of 440 kilometers, with reality rather be at 300 to 370 kilometers, with a restrained driving style. For streamers, especially in winter, such a discrepancy between theory and practice is not an exceptional phenomenon. Finally, the Volvo C40 Recharge must be moved just under 2.2 tonnes (curb weight). 20.9 kWh / 100 km are given as power consumption. At the 22KW wallbox, loading times of eight hours must be reckled. Much faster it goes with DC DC, it only takes 150 kW just under 40 and 50 kW around 70 minutes to charge from ten at eighty percent.

in 4.7 seconds from 0 to 100

Quite fast rapidly accelerates the beautiful Swede, which comes up with a system performance of 300 kW / 408 hp – in just 4.7 seconds is reached out of the stand the landstrice tempo 100, the tip is corrected at 180 km / h. The inmates are squeezed in the stellenstart regularly in the formidabeled seats, especially since the stromer represents its almost unbroken force attacheless parade. The four wheels rotate with full grip. Of course, it is also gentle to protect the resources, but once trial, that may be. The handling properties do not necessarily seduce the curve dance. But: pleasant gliding and comfortable travel are qualities with which this Volvo can serve perfectly, also thanks to the solid workmanship. Quiet are the Stromer anyway, this also applies to the C40 for the wind and rolling noise.

Elektro-Crossover: According to standard, the C40 comes 440 kilometers with a battery charge. manufacturer

The high level of security in turn is not least due to the comprehensive existing driving assistants, many of them as standard. To be highlighted are the partial autonomous track and speed control as well as the detection of oncoming traffic on its own track, including emergency brake function.

2022 Volvo C40 Recharge Design Documentary – The New Swedish Electric SUV Coupe

Google goes with

Easier than previous Volvo models, the operation is designed. More apps and better networking are offered. This includes the gradually available integration of the “Google Assistant” capable devices.

The prices of the Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric start at 62,050 euros. The customer only needs to choose from five options. The delivery time indicates the Volvo managers with six months – despite the bottlenecks in the semiconductors, through which the company in Chinese hand seems little affected.

Ingo Reuss

Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric shortly:

When he comes: is already available.

Who takes to seek: Audi Q4 Sportback, Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E etc.

What drives it: Two electric motors with 150 kW / 204 hp, system performance 300 kW / 408 hp. Battery capacity 78 kWh, usable 75 kWh.

What he costs: from 62,050 euros.

What follows: Less powerful versions with front drive.