In Everspace 2, you embody Adam, a brave clone that is searched and alone with a grumpy officer. I would like it to not mention that the story in Everspace 2 is mainly just… there. It does not do much, it will not make you care deeply from his characters or their fate, but there are times that still surprised me. These are often moments of dialogue between characters more conscious of themselves. The animated cartoon style of its cinematics does not really really have serious, but for the most part, none of this affects the other glosspace qualities of Everspace 2.

A large part of Everspace 2 is dedicated to browse the galaxy looking for booty, to solve spatial puzzles with your vessel or to descend in beautiful worlds to find a McGuffin. And all this is good and is even better.

Unlike other spatial flyers like Elite: Dangerous, Everspace 2 is far from a spatial simulation. And he takes this difference and the door proudly on his shoulder. Your ship is fast and fast to answer. This allows dog fights to feel quick and kinetic. You can explode shields or armor, according to your weapons preference, and your ship comes with skills you will find in more than one action RPG than in a spatial aerial adventure. For example, your ship is equipped with an ultimate capacity that you can free up to reverse the trend.

EVERSPACE 2: Overhaul Progress - Crafting, Devices, and Resources

If you do not explode your enemies with joy in this spatial shooting game, you pick up. The equipment is in abundance in the large open spaces of Everspace 2. You can find materials for crafts, money to buy enhancements and entirely new parts for your ship that replace armor, shields, Firearms and secondary weapons.

There is even a complete customization system under the hood, allowing you to play with the colors of your ship and placing stylized emblems to warn the potential hackers of space.

I do not want to be hyperbolic when I say it’s almost like a diablo in space. But that’s basically what they are looking for and it works. To interrupt the booty hunt, you will also find puzzles that require you to use your ship in different ways. Some puzzles make you trampling objects, shooting on generators or even redirect mining lasers to discover secrets.

Much of this is never forced because Everspace 2 takes all this content and allows you to approach it as you see fit. The main missions advance the story when you want, and the areas you have not explored yet are clearly indicated so that you can travel at full speed off the beaten track. It becomes a happy loop of combat, exploration and acquisition of greater and better equipment for smoking enemies.

It is always anticipated access and parts of the game are not quite where fully prepared. But what I sampled during my hours so far is that I can not wait to see the rest. They also plan to add complexity for those who need it with Hotas support.

Sometimes you just have to shoot and loot into space and it’s now the perfect time to jump into Everspace 2.