Netmarble will launch a casual shooting game Golden Brosc ‘pre-sale (dictionary) since March 2.

The primary pre-sale is carried out in the Bienne NFT market and sells the ‘GB Genesis Mystery Box (GB Genesis Box) with limited edition costume, collection cards. Limited edition Costume and collection cards can be used within the game after an access open or formal launch.

In addition, Golden Brosc has released a roadmap in 2022. Starting early access to the first pre-sale, and in April, it will formally launch the game with mobile and PC versions in Mobile (excluding some countries such as Korea, China, etc.).

Netmarble Global release Golden Bros soon - P2E Game and NFTs #blockchain
Golden Brosc is a block-based casual shooting game developed by Netmarble F & Sea. You can choose from a personality brosc (character) to enhance the 3-to-3 real time combat, and you can enjoy pamming, growth, basis, securing, hiding, and ultimate utilization in battlefield.

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