The From Software apologizes as “some inquiries about some inquiries about video delivery” in the official Twitter account. It announced that the video distribution guidelines are updated soon. Background of the company’s announcement can be seen that there was a disturbance that the user is an issue.

On Domestic Twitter, from around noon, the topic of the new Software “Elden Ring” was heated. The origin was an inquiry by a certain video distributor to the company. The user asked the From Software as a tweet, asking for a return to the “Elden Ring” as a game play real condition. The answer from the company published is that “game screen recording and delivery for purposes other than enjoying individuals and public and delivery are prohibited without exception”. This tweet is also a topic in time, and at a time, there was a situation where the word “Elden ring delivery prohibited” appears on the Tolend of Japan.

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Users’ arguments are heated around the interpretation of the formula guidelines and support answers of the From Software. In addition, a global video distributor, which has a so-called gray zone aspect, which has been established by “interruption” from the right of rights, and the controversy has come to work on the manufacturer. Also, users who interpreted that no delivery is prohibited. As the response to such circumstances, the From software would have been a safe formula.

Full Software Player Support Twitter Account Post a tweet that has been seen at 9:00 pm today. First of all, the company was incorrect about the support response. I apologized that it was misleading if any posting and delivery were prohibited. In addition, even on the current guidelines, it is conveyed again that it is possible for play video posting and delivery using the main function of the game machine. And the company has been promoting the guideline revision more, and it is reported that it will be coming soon.

Referring to the current guidelines for the from software, the criteria “can be delivered using the console and STeam functions” in the case of non-profitability. On the background that the company explained quickly, there may be an answer to the players as soon as possible, and there will be an intention to disluctue the dispute and remember misunderstanding.

“Elden Ring” will be released on February 25, 2022, PC (STeam) and PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. This announcement indicated that delivery and real condition of play videos can be possible without capturing external devices and applications. I also want to pay attention to the guidelines shown in the future.

【UPDATE 2022/2/21 23:35】
The From software revealed the commitment to the Famitsu queries by the “Elden Ring” launch to update the guidelines. In addition, in the updated guidelines, capture boards and video editing software will be available.

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