The Boracnatk has signed a strategic partnership with a chain swap and a strategic partnership.

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Both companies plan to communicate and develop a delayment exchange (DEX) for the P2E service of the Kakao Games Beyond Game Project Bora (BORA). In addition, BORA participates as a governance partner of a claims swap.

Claim swaps are a desallast exchange that provides Clayton-based encryption exchange services in a deprotive environment, which attracted the investment of global Company, including crust, hasids, and Wemoids, including the crust, hashid, and wemoids, and attracted the attention of the market.

BORA announced a plan for the ecosystem expansion plan through various content services such as BORA 2.0 renovations and games, sports and entertainment, and a strategic partnership with this climace swap will continue to expand the BORA ecosystem to the descendant exchange.

Boracnetwalk Im Young Jun CBO said, “It is very glad to be a very pleasant and development of claims and dejorang exchange research and development, which has excellent block body technology, The BORA ecosystem is now expanding and dynamic than now, “he said.