On Sunday afternoon, the regional garden game had to eat between red-white food and the SC Prussia Münster at the level of 1: 1 in the 75th minute initially interrupted and even canceled. From the home block of the Essen, a Böller was thrown towards the field, which landed immediately behind our substitutes. Since at least two of the issuers could no longer have been used, a continuation of the game was no longer possible under regular conditions. After intensive consultations between the clubs and the referee, the game was finally canceled. As continues, it is still unclear.

Nozzle Troubleshooting

“These are scenes that nobody wants to see and do not belong to a football stadium. Of course, as a sporty, we want to bring about sporting decisions on the court, but here are the well-being and the health of our players in the foreground. At least two of our players were directly affected and could not have been used. Together with red-white food and the referee, we rated the situation responsibly, so the referee finally broke off the game. A regular continuation would not have been possible under these circumstances, “said sport director Peter Niemeyer.

Marcus Uhlig, CEO RWE: “These occurrences are to be sentenced to the harshest. That’s not red-white food. That’s not the harbor road. We will do everything to identify and account for the perpetrator. “