Since the 17th of February we can experience Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as Nate and Sully in the cinema. Although the film does not tell one of the Uncharted Games one to one, offering for players but still some moments that are likely to be well known.

Passing hunt from Uncharted 4 was planned

In the movie trailers, we have already witnessed an action-packed airplane scene that represents a clear reference to Uncharted 3 when Nathan Drake tries to fight the aircraft at the wedding charge.

A similar cinematic reproduction should also have given it for the infamous chase from Uncharted 4. In this, Nate from car to car hide, let himself be leaned at a rope by bridge scaffolding and fighting his adversaries in addition.

If you do not know the chase, you can see you here:

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A wild action trip, which Tom Holland had certainly demanded a lot. As the Spider Man star betrayed our colleges from Moviepilot, he stands on challenges, but it is pretty much relieved that he “incredible Car chase “did not have to turn.

However, that Tom Holland came around this turn had a less spectacular reason:

Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg go on global quest for treasure in 'Uncharted' l GMA
We have tried to find out for a while we could accommodate that in the movie. But at the time we just did not have the opportunity to prepare and turn such a scene properly. When they were deleted, I was pretty relieved. A job less for me.

Tom Holland (via Moviepilot)

The complete interview with Tom Holland

In the interview, Tom Holland not only speaks about references to the gaming. He also enthuses the filming in Berlin, which accounted for the 80 percent of the film. His views of sex, male stereotypes and what he thinks about a continuation of the movie is available on Moviepilot:

The entire interview with Nathan Drake actor Tom Holland on Moviepilot

Here you can see another movie trailer, in which the plane scene is also visible:

The Uncharted movie has been running in German cinemas since February 17, 2022 and tells an origin story to the gaming. Unlike in the games, the young Nathan Drake is beating as a pickpocket in New York until he meets Sully and turns to the search for a pirate treasure and thus to his brother.

First responses according to the Uncharted film of “very funny” to “miscast” should range.