Viskash is one of the few Pokemon with the type of water / earth, which makes it naturally bulky. He has similar attack and a special attack, he studies very strong physical and special techniques both with raising levels and ZIS. As a result, whiscash hides its only weakness well, and also has an excellent coating for several Pokemon. These are the best tricks for the temples in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Best receptions

Viskash will learn Aqua Tail in 34 level (Masters in 45), Earth power 43 level (wizards in 54 years), Zen Blow head in * 25 level (masters at 35), and learns ice ray * from ZIS.

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How best to use Temkash in battle

Two strikes Temkash Stab (strengthening attack of the same type) Aqua tail as well as Earth power . Aqua Tail provides a whiscash coating for pokemon fiery, earthy and stone types. Using Aqua Tail in a strong style will increase its accuracy, ensuring that it does not miss. The power of the Earth gives this Pokemon protection from fiery, stone, steel and electrical types and has a chance to reduce the protective characteristics of the target.

Ice beam covers one blatant weakness of the temples in the “Herb Types”. Given that the temptsco does not have very high protective characteristics, the presence of an ice beam gives him the opportunity to respond to movements that can potentially derive it in one blow. Ice Beam protects from Pokemon herbal, terrestrial, dragon and flying type. Zen Blow Head Can be replaced with Stone Age But does not add much from the point of view of the coating for whiscash. Zen Headbutt will protect from the pokemon of combat and poisonous types, and Stone Edge will protect from the pokemon of a fiery, ice, insect and flying type. Stone EDGE also has a high critical hit rate.

Basic WHISCASH Statistics


  • General Statistics: 468
    • HP: 110
    • Attack: 78
    • Protection: 73
    • Special Attack: 76
    • Special defense: 71
    • Speed: 60

Possessing high HP, whiscash can withstand quite a lot of blows. Being resistant to poison, stone, steel and fire, Viskash is best coping with these types. Its rarely should be used against herbal type, but the ice beam can be used when he has no choice.

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