Who loves Left 4 Dead and celebrates Doom, who should keep an eye on the ego shooter Ripout. The first game from the Indie developer PET Project Games combines cooperative gameplay and brutal splatter inserts. Just impress yourself with the new trailer!

Ripout: Horror shooter finds a home

The repective horror shooter Ripout has found a well-known publisher with 3D Realms and celebrates this alliance with a new trailer. Among 3D Realms, such legendary shooters such as Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior and Wolfenstein were created. Accordingly honored feels the small developer studio PET Project Games. The developers write on Steam:

RIPOUT - Announcement Trailer

_We are pleased to announce that no lesser than the legendary 3D Realms will be the publisher of Ripout ???? We have heard your great feedback after the publication of the last trailer in August and decided to publish our FPS horror coal shooter on Current Gene consoles! _

So Ripout will also appear for the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. A publication for the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch or older Xbox models is not planned.

Rip and Tear

In Ripout, the players fight through dark spaceships and endless monster hordes. The randomly generated levels, the collectible loot and variable difficulty levels are to be fired the classic motivational spiral and provide for countless hours of fun. The biggest special feature are the so-called living pet guns .

The living weapons not only look very bizarre, but are an essential component of the gameplay. So you can relyer the nasty monsters relyed, therefore the name of the game to build the said weapons from their guts and body parts. You know that or something similar from Monster Hunter. Only the ripout value value on blood and ranges.

Incidentally, the shooter has not yet had a concrete release date, but the developers are sure that the game will appear this year.