With the impressive comeback victory of the Los Angeles Lakers against Utah, a bitter wedding drop was accompanied. Anthony Davis has raised an ankle injury and could not continue. After all, a first examination fell positively.

“It was very sobering to see how AD has gone to the ground,” Lakers coach was Frank Vogel after the 106: 101 victory of his team against Utah Jazz raised to the Davis injury frustrated. After a strong start, Davis was bent in the second quarter in a fight for an offensive rebound evil with his right ankle.

The 28-year-old went to the ground with a loud cry and pounded in pain on the court. Davis remained a while and was finally able to leave the parquet based on his teammates, without burdening his right leg. Then it was not going on for the Big.

After all, an X-ray investigation revealed a first all-clear, the Lakers did not detect any bone break, but “only” a sprained ankle. However, on Thursday, a MRI examination will follow, which will enable accurate diagnosis.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights | Lakers upset Jazz after losing Anthony Davis
According to the Lakers, Davis will undergo further treatments during the All-Star Breaks, after the weekend he should be examined again. Whether or how long AD will fail, is currently unknown.

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Until his injury Davis had scored 17 points against the jazz 17 minutes. On average, he puts on average 23.3 points, 9.9 rebounds and 2.3 blocks, but he already missed 21 lots due to a knee injury.