In recent months, terms such as’ NFT ‘or’ metaverse ” have become more common in the videogame industry. Previously, we already explain with simplicity exactly what a non-fungible Token is (NFT), but this time we will know everything that makes up a metaverse , and what role it plays inside the gaming.

The term was popularized when last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they would be changing name to goal , this with the aim of providing greater representation to all the ‘metaverse’ composed of Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp. Then, you could say that a ‘metaveso’ is a digital space where users can interact with each other. Something like a mmorpg , but with greater social interaction; We could say that World of Warcraft is your own metaverse, same case with fortnite .

However, the term ‘metaveso’ goes beyond a simple virtual space. Companies like nvidia , goal E even Microsoft are currently providing ideas and elements for the creation of this ‘metaveso’, which has not yet been defined in its entirety. It is a concept under construction that will evolve over time, although we have already had brief glances on how it could be seen once finished.

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We have the case of The Sandbox , a game with technology blockchain where someone already spent $ 13 million dollars on a virtual yacht to travel the different islands of this cyberspace. The NFTs will play a very important role within the metaverse, for good or for evil, although at the same time, it is not a fact that will be present within each of them.

In summary, a metaveso is a virtual space where, through augmented reality viewers, we can live with other users. Some of the previously mentioned companies are looking to raise this concept even more, but currently, there is nothing like a “definitive” metavers or anything like that. I repeat, the term is still under construction but the bases are already there and we will have to wait a while longer to know exactly how these virtual worlds will work.

Editor’s note: I think that eventually, the idea of ​​the metaverse inside the gaming could have an important impact especially on online games. Can you imagine that Fortnite happens to be a simple Royale Battle to a social space where you and your friends can go for a coffee or something like that? With the digital shows and concerts that already exist within the game, this idea does not sound like something so crazy.