2.41 seconds. As long as Burrov held the football at the 20: 23 defeat against the Los Angeles Rams in his hand, before he tried to bring the egg to the man.

There was no time for the junk. Burrov knew the painful past – regularly the defensive ends had heard about him in this season. Alone 51 sacks he put in the Regular Season, 19 in the play-offs – a negative record. The fact that the fate of the Bengals was sealed with a “pressures” by power package Aaron Donald was optimally in the picture. Seven sacks conceded Burrow in the game of games. Also, that’s clear, a negative record in the Super Bowl.

Even the own franchise had a little pity with the 25-year-old. “He’s a fighter, one of the toughest guys I’ve ever met. Just respect Joe,” said his coach Zac Taylor. “He brought us at that moment, it’s just a pity that we could not finish it as a team.”

The Bengals had been so close – too, because Burrow was initially protected. Only a sack he collected in the first half, with the breakthrough came the collapse of the team from Ohio. 1:35 minutes before the end Cooper Kuppe Los Angeles in Los Angeles at 23:20 in Front brought. A Field Goal would have obtained an extension, but then this fourth attempt came, no running, but a passport – and D-Zwahl Donald on Burrow.

Listen here the “Icing the Super Bowl” sequence after the Super Bowl

14. February 202201: 04: 34 hours

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A case of failure help? Tight End C.J. Uzomah apologized more or less at Burrov: “You do not want to experience that your franchise quarterback gets so many hits. That’s a focus that comes to us.” Defensive Tackle D.J. Reader called Burrov “the toughest player I’ve ever met in my life. He never complains.”

He did not do that again this time. No word of criticism about the brittle O-Line, although he had even carried a knee injury in the third quarter, because his bodyguards did not decline their job decently. A whole horde fell over the Bengals boss. As a reminder: Burrov, just in his second NFL year, had missed almost the entire rookie season because of a cruciate ligament crack in the knee.

Instead, the 1.93 meter man tried to spread optimism. “We have to let ourselves be heard,” said Burrov after the game. “We will at least celebrate what we have reached this year.” The team is young, the flap already with the Super Bowl. Just do not panic, so his credo.

Instead, he reproached himself a little himself, with no reason for the occasion. Burrov launched 22 out of 33 passports for 253 yards, threw a touchdown pass and no interception. Despite these decent values, he was “disappointed” about his appearance, Burrow could be the “better”.

Maybe in the future, he also has a bit more time for his throws. In the O-Line, little surprisingly is speculated, some new faces will be visible in the coming season.