Nightrunners are largely a proposed group of people who have helped the survivors in Harran despite their affiliation and faith. They went through the darkest depths themselves and brought themselves to the well-being of others in danger. Of course, they had a reliable tool set with which they could cross the world in Dying Light. You, Aiden Caldwell, get these tools that help you. So you will receive all Nightrunner tools in Dying Light 2.

How to get all Nightrunner tools in Dying Light 2

There are a total of six tools in the game, which will help you find useful objects such as GRE containers or in finding needed craft materials. These are the tools together with where and how to get them:

GRE data key : This is deserved after the meeting with the informant in the story quest “Pilgrad”. It is the subject that helps you to get access to gre-quarantine zones and open the GRE containers that give them more immunity.

Binoculars : After you have gone with Hakon in the Quest Markers of Plague Story by the Saint Joseph Hospital to get your biomarker, he will give you binoculars. This is used to explore attractions in the areas of Old Villedor and Central Loop from afar. They will notice a crack on the lenses, but they can not be repaired or upgraded in any way.

Paraglider : After they are attacked on them and the PKS in the tunnel leading to the Central Loop, a woman named Lawan will help you. When you come through the car factory and the loop, you will give you an old paraglider. This item can be upgraded by the craftsmanship with Old World Money and Military Tech.

UV flashlight : You will receive this from Meyer in the story quest “Welcome on board”. The UV flashlight is ideal for infected temporarily to stun. It can also be upgraded to have a more durable battery from the Craftmaster for Old World Money and Military Tech.

Enterhaken : During the Broadcast Mission, Frank will tell you about the hook of a deceased Nightrunner, who was left behind. Conveniently, it is on the same floor of the VNC Towers where Lieutenant Rowes is killed overall squad from the explosions. This can be retrofitted.

Gre-detector : Even during the broadcast mission, you get this tool to make the finding of inhibitors much easier. What this does is actually where you are on the map if you have satellite signals in the areas!

Dying light 2 is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC. A Nintendo Switch Port will be published later this year in 2022.

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