The Youngs of the SC Prussia Münster can look back on a successful matchday this season. Three victories enter the young eagle in the highest class classes, the U14 in Derby diverted the points. In the provincial post report we look at the lots.

with great morality to three points

The U19 further delivers an impressive season. At the weekend, the young stars won their away game at the 1st FC Cologne with 2: 0 and jumped in the meantime in second place of the A-Junior Bundesliga. After watching the other teams on Sunday, it’s now fourth place with only two counters behind the second Bayer Leverkusen. According to the game, after the game, coach Tobias Harink also showed: “In front of the character of the boys you can only pull the hat, that was extremely strong.” The gates of the day achieved professional loan Deniz Bindemann (14th) and Paul Wiemer (60.). “We did not come into play in the game due to lack of terms of action and technical inaccuracies and have admitted many offensive actions from Cologne, but our central defenders Hannes Brodner and Noah Kloth have defended outstanding and behind them Keeper Matthias Bräuer had some good actions. Due to the distribution of opportunity, the victory was certainly a bit happy, but we look forward to the team that she has developed the points after the unfortunate defeat against Schalke and despite a total of ten failures with an impressive mentality. “


U17 starts with home win

Successfully launched is the U17 , which is located through its 3-0 home win against the SV Lippstadt further in place five of the B-Junior Bundesliga. “We are looking forward to the successful start of return, but also know that we have to increase in the coming weeks. Against an opponent, which focuses mainly on the defensive work, we wish very much more joy of play and initiative. In the game against the ball and in the switching phases the performance was fitted, “If U17-Coach Moritz Glassburner orders the success. Ben Wolf (8. & 65.) doubled for the young Šler, the final score made SUAT FAJIC (80. + 1) in the detention time. The league game of the U16 at FC Iserlohn had to be canceled at short notice.

U15 beats Lippstadt, U14 with dot division

For the U15 , SV Lippstadt also called the opponent in the relegation round of the regional league of the opponents. The YoungTars started with a 2-1 victory and gathered the first important three points to leave the distance to the five relegation places of the round as large as possible. Again, with a 2: 2 draw, the U14 is started, which did not come over the draw at the city facing Künster 08. It was the Youngars, who refreshed two residues and again and again proved their morality. Florian Brumley (48.) and Niko Zrakic (58.) composed each.