The Los Angeles Rams have won the Super Bowl LVI in their own stadium with 23:20 against the Cincinnati Bengals and thus crowned a total of the World Champion in the NFL for the second time. The superstars Aaron Donald and Cooper’s behavior initiated at the comeback success of their team.

Perhaps the best player of the NFL, Aaron Donald, was also the crucial man in Super Bowl. With a stop at 3rd down and a pressure that led to an incomplete pass of Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (22/33, 263, TD) at 4th Down, the defensive Tackle ended the comeback of the RAMs with an exclamation mark. Shortly after the break, the Bengals had still led with 20:13.

CAN (8 REC, 92 YDS, 2 TD) was selected to Super Bowl MVP. It is the second real “home win” in Super Bowl after the Buccaneers had triumphed in their own stadium in their own stadium in the previous year.

Sean Mcvay is 36 years and 20 days of the youngest Head Coach, who could ever win a Super Bowl.

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Bitter was the evening for Star Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. of the Rams: He scored the first touchdown of the game, but injured before the break then on the left knee – possibly difficult. In the end he was allowed to cheer over his first ring.

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Super Bowl LVI: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Rams – The analysis

The Rams started the game after an early sack of Trey Hendrickson 3-and-out, while Bengals were stopped near the centerline at 4th Down. A little later, Beckham Jr. had performed his big and brought the Rams on a Corner route through a 17-yard touchdown catch. It was the first longer passport of Rams in the game.

After two more short series, the Bengals succeeded in the first Big Play. Burrow quickly recognized Coverage against Wide Receiver Ja’Marr Khase, who left on a Go-Route Superstar-Corner Jalen Ramsey and ultimately scored 46 yards spectrum gain to the Red Zone after spectacular catch. From there, however, it was not progressing, so that the official home team with a Field Goal contented by Evan McPherson. 7: 3 Los Angeles after a quarter.

The Rams responded thereafter with another long reception of OBJ on a crossing route over 35 yards. Then Matthew Stafford (26/40, 283, 3 TD, 2 Int) Running Back Darrell Henderson was found for another 25 yards on a wheel route. And then Stafford threw a 11-yard touchdown pass to a fully open Cooper cup in the end z1. It was almost as a tight end near the line, indicated only one block and then went to the end zone on a corner route. Previously, the Rams had only a Jet sweep and then a hand-off fake and so that the defense fed perfectly into the crazy. Subsequently, however, the extra point, because Holder Johnny Hekker dropped the snap.

In return, the Bengals in their part marched into the Red Zone and handed deep into the trick box. What looked like a simple run-play quickly became a pass from Running Back Joe Mixon over 6 yards to the touchdown by tea Higgins.

Super Bowl LVI: Failure of Odell Beckham provides fraction in the game

Then the game began to tilt from the point of view of the RAMs sustainably. First she lost Beckham through a knee injury without an opposing action, then Stafford briefly threw a Deep Ball with an announcement in the end zone, but Safety Jessie Bates III broke the play and grabbed the end zone interception in front of Wide Receiver Van Jefferson.

But the Bengals had to start at the own 10-yard line, because Cornerback Vernon Hargreaves, who did not belong to the squad for the game, ran with the playing field and celebrated with the colleagues in the end zone – that meant a taunting punishment for Cincy. Accordingly, there were no points until the break. 13:10 Los Angeles.

After the break it went very fast. Already at the first play, Burrow fired a Deep Ball direction Higgins, who made a 75-yard touchdown. However, Higgins, who started out of the slot and crossed with Chase, before he went to his go-route, a lot of luck: Higgins namely, Ramsey reached in front of the catch of the face lattice, whereupon the cornerback went to the ground, Higgins had correspondingly free train. That would have resulted in a punishment for pass interference against the receiver – and no touchdown.

Not enough, because only a Play later left Ben Skowronek, who played for Beckham, sliding a pass over the middle through his hands – exactly in the arms of Cornerback Chidobe Awuzie. The next turnover!

Subsequently, on both sides Field Goals, although the RAMs left a touchdown by having a Philly Special – or L.a. Special – tried at 3rd Down in the Red Zone, but suggested the pass to Stafford into sailing. Dose would have had a lot of space in the situation to run to achieve at least one new First Down.

Super Bowl LVI: Donald and Miller take over the game

At 20:16 for Cincinnati, it went to the fourth quarter and both quarterbacks, which now stood under pressure and sacks conceded were struck. Both were treated with leg injuries, but continued.

Defensive took over the Bärenstark Front of the Rams with Aaron Donald and now increasingly the command, after a 15-play-Drive Stafford finally dug for a touchdown from the 1-yard line to the 23: 20 guidance for LA with only 1:25 minutes to play. In general, it was Stafford and Cup, which brought the coals out of the fire after the secondary weapons of the Rams without Beckham had turned out to be ineffective.

Cincy had three timeouts for the final Drive available. An answer was no longer, because the Rams managed the final stop through two great plays of Donald. The rest was confetti and cheers in the Sofi Stadium of the Rams.

Super Bowl LVI: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Rams

Result: 20:23 (3: 7, 7: 6, 10: 3, 0: 7) Boxscore

Bengals vs. Rams – the most important statistics

  • Joe Mixon of the Bengals is only the fifth non-quarterback in the history of Super Bowl, who has thrown a touchdown pass.
  • The Run Game of Rams was ineffective over wide parts of the game. Only the 19th running show in the game caused a First Down. At the same time, it was the longest run in the game by Cam Akers over 8 yards – right in front of the Two-Minute Warning in the fourth quarter.
  • In case of the first touchdown, this 4.3 yards was separation, which he was an open target, according to Next Gen Stats. It was his elevent of Touchdown this year as an open target – most in the NFL.

The Star of the Game: Aaron Donald (Defensive Lineman, Los Angeles Rams)

Large players decide big games. And Donald is probably the biggest player of the NFL current. Donald ultimately brought it to 7 pressures and 2 sacks. The final movement to a hair his sack, finished the hopes of the Bengals complete. In addition, secondary man also played great by Miller (2 sacks, 5 pressures). Obtently, Cooper’s behavior made despite Steter Double Coverage for the Big Plays and 2 Touchdowns.

The Flop of the Game: Offensive Line (Cincinnati Bengals)

The O-Line was the great vulnerability of the Bengals and they were in the end in the end. Burrow saw a total of 17 pressures, so at 42.5 percent of his drop backs, and collected a total of seven sacks. For a long time, the line suggested, but in the fourth quarter all the dams broke, which ultimately final difference.

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Analysis: Bengals vs. Rams – the tactical panel

  • The RAMs started offensively conservative and tried to increase it with the Run Game, which did not lead to success. Accordingly, you then tried short passes. Especially swing passes and screens and how usual a lot of pre-snap motion to confuse the defense.

  • The Bengals held a lot of zone, renounced largely on lightning and usually sent only three passing Rusher to drop the rest in Coverage. Half, Deep Shots largely preventing, but there was a lot of time to fit, which he also used to find open receivers on Crossing Routes.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Los Angeles Rams Highlights 1st Qtr | Super Bowl LVI | NFL Season 2021

  • The Bengals tried to put with their Run Game against the always light boxes of the RAMS needlesticks, but much on spread formations and empty sets was set to pull the front of the Rams and thus have the option, double teams to create against Aaron Donald.

  • Donald, in turn, began the game predominantly on the right side of the O-Line and attacked the B – as the A-CAP. Even he also played both 4- also 5-technique, which attention from the EDGE Rusher took his side.

  • The Bengals also rely on short, fast passes. The before the break so rare Deep Shot on Chase before the first Field Goal of Bengals existed because Chase was once in Man Coverage and simply passing on a go-route to Ramsey. Otherwise, Chase has always been covered with Safety Help, which prevented the possibility for go-routes.

  • After the break, the Rams on Millers page repeatedly used stunts against the Double Teams for Donald, so Miller had always free train to QB. * The Bengals needed a while to adapt to it, but in the fourth quarter, but returned to the run game and brought properly heavy formations to the field, with Extra-Lineman and two tight ends as a blocker. The Rams had little answer.