In this Weapon Guide to Dying Light 2 you will learn:

  • How your weapons can repair and improve
  • How the Weapon MOD system works in Dying Light 2
  • What to pay attention to the weapon modding

In Dying Light 2: Stay Human does not come without weapons. Especially the melee requires all sorts of cockers and blades so that it exists against infected and bandits. Our Weapon Guide shows you how your melee weapons repaired and improves.


Repairing Weapons in Dying Light 2 Weapons: Is that?

Dying Light 2: Stay Human relies on a similar principle in weapons like Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With increasing use, sound and beating use and then break at some point. If the durability of a weapon expired, it is unusable and disappear irretrievably from your inventory . There is no classic repair function. So you can not just walk to the next master craftsman and put up your broken favorite club.

Dying Light 2: How do I extend the durability of my weapons?

But there is still a way you can use the best weapons as long as possible in Dying Light 2. Any weapon that you find in the Zombie Open World has a certain rarity. The higher this is, the more mod slots you are usually available. If you pack the right mods in your weapon, you extend the durability considerably and have fun for a long time.

How do I put mods in my weapon?

Dying Light 2 | Weapon Mod Guide, Tips & Tricks

Gets the inventory and goes to the desired weapon with the cursor. In the pop-up menu, the option “Modify” appears if the selected weapon has mod slots . Then you can equip you with a suitable mod. The maximum of available mod slots is three.

Where can I find weapons mods in Dying Light 2?

Weapons mods and the associated designs can be purchased from the dealers in the stations of the Peacekeeper and survivors. The better the mod is, the more guilders and resources you have to plan for it. Also in side quests you will occasionally reward with strong weapons mods . So it is worthwhile to do orders off the story quest. In Dark Zones and other areas, you can also sometimes find weapons mods as a loot.

Can I modify weapons as often as you like?

Basically, your mods can only use weapons that have appropriate slots. If you install a mod in a weapon, it remains there and the slot is permanently busy . So you can not remove it again or save as you like mods. If the weapon is broken, the modified mod disappears from your inventory.

Pay attention to the mods next to the durability on the other functions . Some mods align elementary damage in critical hits and let opponents burn or freeze. In addition, they change the appearance of your weapon, as well as those in most cases purely cosmetic talismans.

How do I increase the durability of my weapon as effective as possible?

The durability of the respective weapon can only be extended as long as it has open mod slots. So consider what mod you use in which weapon. In the first hours, your should completely renounce the modding and save you the mods.

Unless you come to a rare artifact weapon early on. Nevertheless, set your favorite weapon for a while without mod and gradually populate with improvements when your fundamental durability has fallen. So you will receive the weapon as long as possible.

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