Although Americans want to strictly separate football and politics, Super Bowl is becoming increasingly politicized in recent years. The teams that resort to the NFL crown represent the cleavage of the country. And also Donald Trump’s actions halls.

Since Donald Trump had to clean his desk in the White House, there are no longer a day-to-day news about the polarized and split United States of America.

But even without the former US President in the Office, the land has long not grown together again. The US is split as rarely before. This is also visible to the Mega-Event Super Bowl – the national recent yearss the Americans actually.

God, Country, Football. According to God and the homeland, King Football is already coming for many in the USA. The games on Sunday are holy, the Super Bowl is Jesus. Under no other day a year, fewer weddings and burglaries take place in the country.

About politics But super Bowl parties is also spoken as well as Christmas or Thanksgiving. The national recent years has long been political. Especially in recent years, the NFL and the events are increasingly politicized – and also the Auf Bowl LVI also acts by Trump and Co. of recent years.

With the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, two teams opposed to Monday (0:30 am Mez), which reflect the division between Democrats and Republicans, between liberal and conservative.

But they also show how contradictory the division can be in two bearings. Finally, the owner of the Rams, Stanely Kroneke, once only 100,000 US dollars for Hillary Clinton’s election campaign 2016 donated in order to transfer a million dollars in Trump’s campaign funds.

One of the strictest abortion laws of the USA

The nation has just recovered from shock by the Capitol storm a good one year ago. Fragile she remains inward. The story of Los Angeles Rams is already pretty clear how different in the huge land is thought and how deep the trenches are partly.

For 20 years, the Rams were the team from St. Louis in Missouri. In the Swing State with predominantly white and very creditor population, the Republican George W. Bush not only won 2000, but also in 2004 after the beginning of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

John McCain even hit Barack Obama in 2008, Mitt Romney repeated the success of the Democrats four years later. The district of the then venue, The Dome at America’s Center, has been in the hands of Democrats for decades.

In 2019, Missouri adopted one of the world’s strictest abortion laws, which provided for the final abortion clinic of the state and for the time being stopped by a federal court.

Now the state tries again, that in the decision Roe v. Wade almost 50 years ago by the Supreme Court fixed right to restrict pregnancy crashes.

Cincinnati – a republican stronghold

In 2015, the Rams moved back to Los Angeles into the democratic California. In the Liberal State, which has prepared for an influx of women in recent years, want to abort. More difference almost does not work. For the NFL team settled in Inglewood, a district, in which almost half of the inhabitants identify themselves as Latino and about 20 percent as blacks.

The district of Sofi Stadium, the state-of-the-art venue of the Super Bowl, won Hillary Clinton at 78.4 percent in the 2016 presidential election. At Trump’s attempt of re-election 2020 he did not even get 21 percent of the votes on site. Inglewood is represented in the House of Representatives by the Democrat Maxine Waters, which made a name for itself as a loud critic Trumps.

While the Rams now represent the blue, democratic warehouse of the USA again, the Bengals from Cincinnati – a historical Republican stronghold come. The state of Ohio in the Midwest is located in the so-called Bible Belt (German: Bible belt), where traditionally architative values ​​are represented and citizens fear that their attitudes in a rapidly changing world are less and less playing a role.

Trump vs. Kaepernick

Super Bowl 2022: LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals face off in Los Angeles
In line with Missouri, Ohio also tries to prune the abortion opportunities, so observers attest the state back to the Middle Ages. Even after incest and rape, pregnancy breaks on the spot should soon no longer be possible.

The football professionals who want to win the Super Bowl in Sofi Stadium of Los Angeles, of course, talk about these activities – and yet they represent two teams from basic states. Even if friends and families meet for the most important recent yearss event of the year: due to extreme polarization and cleavage of society, citizens with these different attitudes are hardly communicating with each other, have no common knowledge, factual and value base.

Trump fueled this phenomenon as US President – also in the world of football. As Colin Kaepernick, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, 2016 in front of his NFL games during the national anthem against police power and racism towards People of Color and for justice on the knee, whipped him rough headwinds whipped him.

The majority white owners of the NFL, the white league commissioner Roger Goodell and the white presidential candidate Trump Echautfied. As disrespectful of the US flag and soldiers who have died for them, Kaepernick’s action was scheduled as betrayal at the Fatherland.

Nobody kneels today today

Trump made the footballer a traitor and shared, deep under the waist line: “Creates this bumper son from the field, immediately!” The Hetzerische statements of the mighty were dangerous in the light of racism and violent attacks against People of Color in the USA dangerous.

Many NFL fans joined at least verbally. Kaepernick has been boosted, outside the stadiums Anti-Kaepernick t-shirts were sold, among other things with his face in the crosshair of a rifle scope. Nationwide, his jerseys were burned.

Trump’s statements and Kaepernicks Kniefall indulge in this Super Bowl in Los Angeles. Even if the racism problems are not solved and Black Lives Matters protests in the country are not over, nobody kneels anymore. It works as if the matter has lost.

Also in this topic, the opponents of the NFL endpiece differ. While at weddings of demonstrations more than a dozen RAMS players in democratic California went to the knee, this did not do anyone at the Bengals in the Republican Ohio. Former Cincinnati professionals then told, but the owner Mike Brown would have banned the knees the team or at least argues.

The Super Bowl takes place in the middle of the Black History month of the USA. That racism in the NFL continues to cause problems, shows the situation of the former coach of the Miami Dolphins. On February 1, 2022 Brian Flores filed a collection claim against the NFL, the New York Giants, Denver Broncos and the Dolphins for discrimination and racism. The giants should have set a new head coach before talking to minority candidates as the rules prescribe.

The league is “in a way racist separately and is led like a plantation,” it says in the indictment. In a league, in which 70 percent of the players are black, the release of Flores meant that one returned to just a non-white under 32 coaches. In addition, the owners of all teams are white.

Heal Super Bowl World

The TV turn-on rates of NFL have been strongly affected by controversies around Kaepernick and Co. in recent years. Now the league is pleased again about rising numbers and therefore avoids political statements in the still polarized times. Just nobody come across the head, just do not make mistakes.

Accordingly, the advertisers want to do their best in order to help viewers from the televisions to leave the past behind – especially the pandemic. After the Super Bowl 2021, which was peppered with municipal and many depressing commercials, more funious spots for beer, snacks and cars should create a special reality: a Heal Super Bowl World. It’s okay to enjoy life again. As if Corona was already over.

The problems remain. The pandemic and the racism that want to cancel for women who want to break pregnancies and those of the split USA. The different teams from Cincinnati and Los Angeles show: The Super Bowl is always highly political.


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