Dying Light 2 stages his game world as a place where resources are scarce and all fight for their survival. When playing itself, however, you notice little of it. Meinmmo-author Tarek explains why survival is totally relaxed and he likes it so too.

The setting of Dying Light 2 plays in a post-apocalyptic world in which a virus had to mutate people to zombies and fight the last residues of civilization to survive.

The remaining part of the people has split into different factions and now fights for the remaining, scarce resources.

This is said to us in the game and superficially looked at Dying Light 2 looks like a washfast survival game. This also shows a look at the mechanics.

How much survival is in Dying Light 2? Look at the gameplay building blocks, the impression that Dying Light 2 really wants to be a survival game:

  • There is a comprehensive crafting system for tools, medicine, various boosters, weapons and weapons mods.
  • You can collect several materials of scrap to collect over flowers to feathers from which their items can be made.

* Weapons have a durability limit and can break.

That acts as if the game would be much more demanding. But show a closer look and a few hours of playing time: Survival in Dying Light 2 is pretty easy.

Resource snapness, but every trash bin contains loot

That’s why Survival is so relaxed: Many mechanics hang together with the crafting system of Dying Light 2. The objects are very useful in combat and can make you significantly stronger. The more you can produce, the easier it will survive.

Ultimately, however, in the game world, you will find as well as everything you need at every corner. Almost every trash can contains any useful crafting material, which leads to almost unlimited resources.

  • The cheapest resource, parts (“scrap”, also: scrap), not only is extremely often to find, it is still pretty much the most important material and is needed for almost every crafting object.
  • For example, you have a bow, you can produce from scrap arrows and have so unlimited ammunition. Bows are also indestructible, so you have an infinitely usable weapon.
  • Containers are constantly resetted, so that they actually find lot at any time in each part of the game world, even if they have looted the spot until half an hour ago.

In addition, the offer of the dealer, which is regularly filled and thus actually just jump from dealers to dealers to increase your materials.

For example, I was able to visit a NPC at a quest series, which is a dealer at the same time. After every quest I was able to pick up my reward, sell things found on the quest and plunder a newly filled offer.

So I was able to build my materials every time for little money, so I had more than enough supplies when crafted.

Through the equipment you can also find on every corner, you also have a permanent source of money and must never be worried about his finances.

Off the gameplay you do not have the impression that people are generally gnawing at the hunger towel. Everywhere you can see satisfied, well-graved people work their hobbies, dance or listen to the storyteller.

It does not matter as if eating and drinking a problem even if the topic of water scarcity is mentioned again and again. There are even beer and everywhere in the game world you can find valuable, high-percent drinks. The story also changes little to this impression, so it swings a certain contradiction.

The Survival Mechanics of Dying Light 2 seem as rather like “Survival Light” and it acts as if exactly that was intended. The game does not want to pull you in a permanent resource collection swirl.

Survival is Easy – and that’s good

That’s why this is the right decision: The focus of Dying Light 2 is more likely to change between day and night and the resulting prey trains.

At night, the zombies leave their nests in the houses and are walking on the streets. Added to this is dangerous variants, which ware outside.

For this you can enter GRE buildings and there valuable equipment and inhibitors plunder. The Dying Light 2 survival sponge takes place rather when sneaking through the zombiehords and can quickly be properly burned if you are overrun by a dozen zombies within these buildings.

So it’s more likely to fight and the parkour system that make up the survival aspect, as resource management and gathering. If you also make the degree of difficulty in heavy, these fights become clearly more demanding and adrenaling echoers.

In this respect, it is just right that Dying Light 2 holds his other mechanics so “relaxed”. Collecting resources and equipment is very simple and requires little time you can spend in other things like exploring the game world or nocturnal streaks.

This creates a very pleasant flow and it remains motivating to play the game. That raises Dying Light 2 from many other survival games, with which I can rarely make friends.

But what do you think about it? Would you have liked a demanding survival game? Or do you find that sufficient in the form?

If your problems with the orientation in the huge world of Dying Light 2 have, we recommend an interactive map that helps you master quests and trophies