Using the Microsoft Edge App for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S you can now set up pictures from the Internet as a wallpaper for your dashboard.

As early as 2018, we presented you a way to change your wallpaper, but it was very cumbersome compared to the current solution.

Changing themes on Xbox One/Series X to a custom image from the console (Microsoft Edge Browser)

It was awkward yesterday, now you can specify a custom image as a background while using the Microsoft Edge app on your Xbox console.

It’s that easy: Suchs an arbitrary image in the Microsoft Edge app, moves the browser pointer over this image, presses the menu button on your controller and then select “Set as a background”.

On the official Xbox website you will be offered numerous wallpapers, which you can use as dashboard background.

Furthermore, as we have already reported, a new dynamic background for the Game Grounded was published. In the dashboard video we show you how chic it looks.