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Dying Light 2 is ready to make his presence known in the gaming community next week when it is published on Friday, February 4th. Experience should bring fans of the series to a new place, allegedly more than four times as big as the open world of the first game. This is certainly quite a performance, and we will undoubtedly see many players who take time while trying through the latest, extensive world. When exactly, it informs you of this guide article Stable light 2 free circuits for players and the precharge time for different platforms.

If Dying Light 2 is activated

Stable Light 2 will have different publication / activation times, depending on which time zone you are currently located and on which platform they plan to smash zombiehords. For those who plan to play on consoles, the publication time is completely synchronized on 3 February at midnight (publication on February 4), so that players can start playing.

However, if you plan to play Dying Light 2 on the PC, you can access the game even before the console free shift time and can begin much earlier with it to experience everything the game has to offer. The game will be unlocked for six hours before publishing the console. That in turn is known as 16:00 pst and 19:00 o’clock et on Thursday, 3 February. For those in the GMT time zone, it is still released at midnight of 3. at the same time as the console version.

The Dying Light 2 in advance

For those who want to make sure the game is preinstalled to immerse yourself in the experience as soon as it is available, it will be happy to hear that you can install the game before the actual publishing time if you have pre-ordered digital version of the Game. For those who have played on PlayStation and bought it there in the store, you can download the experience on 1 February at 00:00 et advance.

If you bought the game on Xbox, you can download the game in this second, so you definitely go to the Xbox Store and startup load! In addition, PC players can download the game on Tuesday, February 1, at 19:00, ET in advance, only about two days after you have read this.

The actual file sizes also vary depending on the platform, the PC version should be about 60 GB large and the Xbox Series X / S version about 35 GB. The PlayStation 5 version should be around 32 GB. However, I would probably expect the PC version to have a slightly less considerable file size when the installations are running.

Complete the latest rate for the Stable light franchise this month?

_ Dying light 2 _ will be available on February 4 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

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