When you start your adventure in Techland Dying Light 2, you will constantly face the living dead infected in almost all situations. In addition to being dangerous enemies, they can have some valuable rewards if you can knock them down them. Between the booty there are infected trophies, and if you wonder what you can do with them, here you have What are the trophies infected in Dying Light 2 serve.

What are the infected trophies used in Dying Light 2

These droplet droplets can be found in any random enemy in the game, although it becomes more common when you fight at night or against the most powerful variants of the infected welter in The City. Simply kill the enemies and look at their bodies to have the opportunity to get an infected trophy.

Dying Light 2 Guide - Farming Infected Trophies

There are also several oddities, which are incorporated into the Dying Light Development System 2. When going to the various craftmasters around the world, you can buy different planes that will facilitate your life. However, if you really want to cause real damage, you must update these plans, and that is where your infected trophies come into play.