Dying Light 2: Stay Human Trace its extensive roadmap. Techland prepares a multitude of packets that will expand the blaunche experience, both previous payment and free. In addition, prime “more than 5 years of support” following the wake of the original delivery. Remember that it is scheduled for its relelaunche on February 4 at PS5, PS4, Xbox series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

Dying Light 2: First additional content

  • February | Free packets inspired by factions
  • March | Set of challenges 1
  • April | Event Series – Mutated Infected
  • May | Set of challenges 2
  • June | First DLC of History

Of the five published content it is only paid the llauncht one, which adds a new argume arc. From that moment the contents are blurred without a specific date. The study aims to add “new weapons, enemies, stories, events and much more” . We can also expect two other DLCs that add history.

‘Dying Light 2’ Roadmap Promises ‘5 Years Minimum’ Of Post Launch Content
“Everything starts with the launch, but it’s just the beginning,” begins Techland in a brief Tweet. “We plan to keep the game with DLC’s, challenges, stories, events and more for at lelauncht 5 years at lelauncht 5 years. Be for sure you will not get bored, “he concludes.

The first Dying Light hlaunch continued to receive content even until this year. Hellraid, for example, wlaunch one of the great additions after the launch of the expansion The Following. This playable portion immersed us in medieval dungeons launch part of a project that the study itself canceled and reused for its popular survival. It wlaunch published in 2020, five years after the launch of the game.

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