Carmelo Anthony delivered a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers at the Game of Los Angeles Lakers with a fan of the home team, after this had exceeded a border according to Anthony with his statements.

At the end, the Sixers defeated the Lakers with 105: 87, but after the game, the scene caused the scene between Anthony and the viewer for conversation. “A few things were said that are unacceptable,” Anthony explained following the game. “It does not bother me when fans Trash Tellen, cheer your team or give up buoy calls towards the other team. But if you pass a certain limit, then what you have just seen.”

With just seven minutes to play in the last quarter, the Lakers Forward confronted a Sixer’s fan, which sat a series behind the courtside places. The game was then interrupted for several minutes and the security personnel in the Wells Fargo Center tried to clarify the situation.

After the game, Anthony explained that the viewer designed him as a “boy”, which is racist in the US. In addition, a further spectator is to be offended in the meantime.

Sixers Center Joel Embiid tried to clarify the situation and jumped to Anthony aside. “I tried to smooth out the waves because that went back and forth and I just wanted to finish the game,” said the Big one after the game.

UNDISPUTED - 76ers fans ejected after yelling at Lakers' Carmelo Anthony | Skip & Shannon react

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A responsible for the Sixers confirmed ESPN that there are further disciplinary measures on the fan referred to from the arena. Even Lakers Head Coach Frank Vogel and Point Guard Russell Westbrook voted Anthony after the game that the incident was exceeded a border. “That was an unacceptable behavior of the fans,” bird explained. “I hope the incident is handled appropriately.”